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Kalash 7th October 2015 Written Update

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Scene 1
Monty come sin engagement venue and meets everyone, Rekha says to Devika that Sakshi si looking very nice, Savitri thinks that what is happening here? Monty didnt do anything, Saket just fire arrows in air, i told him to not trust this Monty, now i will have to tell Saket that Monty has come to do engagement, she eaves, Manju sees her going and thinks what she is upto? she goes behind her and stops her, she ask Savitri where are you going? engagement is happening inside but you are leaving, Savitri says i have some important work, Manju says engagement is most important and they need our blessings, she drags her inside engagement venue.
Saket is waiting for Monty outside venue, he thinks why Monty didnt come till now? should i go in and check? i wasted my time, i should have dragged him out of here earlier only, i need to take him from here, he finds keys of his farm house which he gave to Monty and Monty dropped there while going inside, he says what keys are doing here? waiter tells Saket that engagement ceremony is going to start.
Manju brings Savitri in engagement and says to Rekha that Savitri is not liking this engagement thats why she was leaving, Savitri says i don attend things which i dont like but its not like that here, she is joking, Manju says yes i was joking, Savitri thinks how to inform Saket that Monty is doing engagement.
Rekha comes to Ravi and says you and devika have to do engagement too, Ravi says i feel Devika dont wanna do this engagement, she told me that its looks odd to do engagement after wedding, Devika says i didnt say anything like that, Ravi says so you are trying to say that you wanna do engagement? DEvika is confused, Ravi ask Rekha that ask Devika to say that she wanna do engagement only then i will do it, Rekha ask Devika, Devika is stuck, she stares Ravi and says yes for engagement, Rekha says i know Ravi is pulling Devika’s leg, both smile.
Manju comes to Navi and ask her to come in engagement ceremony, Navi says i got to know Ravi and Devika are doing engagement too, Manju says yes, Navi is tensed, Manju thinks she must be thinking about her credit card, she says i am sorry, i used it, Savitri chose expensive ring so i had to use your card, i am really sorry to use your credit card, Navi says its a small thing and you are saying sorry? i gave you card to use it only, Manju says if Ravi gets to know about then, Navi says who will tell him? i will not say anything neither you will, Manju thanks her and says you are really nice.

Scene 2

engagement ceremony begins, Navi comes and stands beside Ravi, she strikes with him, she claims sorry, Devika doesnt like it, Navi thinks Devika is emotion jealous, now she ought to get used to all this, Ravi appears to be at Devika which is tensed, Rekha sees Navi standing with Ravi, she inquire Devika to stand along with her relatives, we aren’t Your loved ones now but Ravi’s family is All your family members, she delivers to Devika to Ravi and suggests to Navi which can you give some Place as in our custom partner and spouse stand alongside one another, Navi states positive and moves away, Rekha can make DEvika stand with Ravi and suggests this is your suitable position, she talk to Shekhar to start ceremony. Ravi talk to Devika you didnt notify me that you wanna do engagement, Devika says you began once more, Saket comes in engagement venue and sees Monty sitting down with Sakshi, he thinks that more than enough to pacifying this Monty, i really have to take him from in this article, i am Saket and I’m able to to nearly anything, Pallavi brings rings for Monty and Sakshi, Monty sadly appears to be like at her and prolong his hand inquiring her To place ring in his finger, Manju check with him not to joke and put ring Sakshi’s finger, Monty can take ring from her, Manju involves Saket and normally takes him to corner, Rekha talk to Sakshi Exactly what are you imagining? set ring in Monty’s hand, Sakshi is hesitant, Rekha request her to not worry, i have an understanding of what you are sensation, please make him use ring, Sakshi places ring in Monty’s hand, all clap, Monty is unhappy and appears at Pallavi, Ravi check with Monty to produce her put on ring, he ask for Sakshi’s hand, she presents it, he can make her use ring.
Manju delivers Saket in space and check with why did you occur here? Saket suggests you wanna know truth? i came here to prevent this engagement, this engagement cant take place, Manju suggests why you are at the rear of my loved ones? initial you attempted to strain Ravi and Devika’s relation by bringing property inbetweeen them and now you wanna stop this engagement why? Saket suggests Monty loves another person, Manju states why will he show you? he tells every little thing to me and Ravi, dont blame my harmless youngster, Saket states it is possible to say nearly anything but i have to halt this engagement.

PRECAP- Manju claims to Saket that clap sound are coming What this means is engagement has presently took place, your system unsuccessful yet again. Monty goes, Saket holds him collar and pins him to wall when Devika will come there.

Written Update By Sahir


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