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Kalash 30th October 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Ravi says to Devika casually that if she has invited everyone then we will go too, he leaves, DEvika says Ravi didnt show much interest in Navi’s party, he doesnt seem to have interest in her.
Savitri’s family arrive at Navi’s house, guard doesnt let them in to go in function and says many people try to go in rich people’s party, you need to show invitation card to go in, Navi comes there and scolds Guard, she says they are my special guest, she fires the guard and welcomes Rekha and her family, she apologizes on guards behalf. Navi ask about Devika and Ravi, Savitri says why are you dying for them to come? Navi says good joke, its just that office staff was asking about Ravi DEvika, you all come in, she leaves, Shekhar ask Savitri to not be rude, Savitri says her guards were treating us like beggars, she should have told her guards that we are her guests from before.
Shweta is moving here and there, Vikas says i told you to not fast but you kept it, last time you fainted when did fast, why are you tensed this time? Shweta ask where are everyone, Ravi, Devika, Monty no one is at home, Vikas says i dont know, he goes out, Saket calls Shweta and tells her that Navi has invited Ravi and Devika to her house for Karwachauth, Shweta says i didnt know this, Saket ask if they left house? Shweta says yes they left for Navi’s house, Saket ends call and thinks how to go to Navi’s house.
Ravi and DEvika are walking on road, Devika ask why are you walking so fast? Ravi says i was finding rickshaw to go Navi’s house but you asked to walk from shortcut, and now when i am taking you from shortcut even then you are complaining, Devika says this road is so uneven, i cant walk easily, Ravi says we will make way for others so they will start walking from this way too, he starts walking again, DEvika says you should realize that i have not eaten anything since morning and you are walking so fast, Ravi ask if he should lift her in arms? she says no just walk slowly, they start walking slowly, Ravi says weather is so romantic, dont you feel something? Devika says you started flirting again? you are big flirt, you dont leave any chance, you are cheap, she gets silent and recalls how she said she will not fight with him, she says i will say sorry to Ambe Maa, Ravi starts walking fast again, Devika says cant you walk with me? Ravi comes to her and says my wish is to walk on every path of life with you only, both share eyelock, they listen some noise, its dark on road, both get afraid and hold each other’s hand, Ravi says something is coming near us, dont know what it is, maybe its some animal, Devika gets afraid and says go and check it, Ravi says me? why should i go, Devika says you keep saying that you are brave and all so go now, Ravi says i dont wanna go, Devika ask Ravi to stand infront of her, the mysterious thing is approaching them, both are afraid, the mysterious thing comes near and it turns out to be ordinary man, they both laugh seeing each other’s fearful face, Devika says you were more afraid than me, she laughs, their head bangs with each other, both share eyelock.

Scene 2
Ravi and Devika come to Navi’s home, Navi concerns Ravi and ask why did you can get late? I believed you will be punctual however you were careless this time, Ravi appears to be like at Devika and suggests my spouse liked an area after we have been coming here so we spent a while there in one another’s organization And that i dont Assume we missed anything at all essential here so it have to be high-quality, Navi states sorry, truly Place of work workers was asking about you, she welcomes them.
Savitri, Sakshi and Pallavi are checking Navi’s dwelling, Pallavi suggests to Sakshi this house is great, Savitri suggests dont know what kind of dwelling is this, so many gates, she checks a show piece and check with waiter about its worth, he says its worthy of is 10lacs, she states dont lie.
Devika relates to poolside of Navi’s home and claims wow That is this sort of great position of house, pool appears to deep, i dont know swimming so i should be from it, she’s examining pool, Ravi arrives there and thinks that she appears to be afraid of deep drinking water, he screams, Devika gets frightened, Ravi suggests why do you think you’re afraid viewing pool? Devika claims i am not, Ravi says dont lie on Karwachauth, you appears to be scared of h2o, Navi listens their discussion, Devika states yes i am afraid of pool as i dont need swimming, dont make me indignant i dont wanna battle on Karwachauth, Ravi says after breaking quickly, you may turn out to be lioness and can get started preventing once more, its only one working day that husbands come to feel like prince, Devika says dont check with me, Ravi claims dont you’re feeling like touching h2o and emotion it? Devika says I’d really wish to but I’m afraid of it, Ravi says i am listed here to shield you from every little thing, he sit close to pool and question her to sit beside him, hold his hand and touch water, DEvika provides her hand in Ravi’s hand.

PRECAP- Navi thinks that Ravi and I will come closer only when Devika leave us, Devika has to die so that i will get Ravi, she pushes Devika in pool, Devika drowns in water.

Written Update By Atiba


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