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Kalash 2nd October 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Pallavi ask Sakshi why you are silent? you used to give so much ideas about your wedding then why you are sad now, i know this marriage is little difficult for you but Monty is good guy, Sakshi says then you marry her, Monty comes tehre and listens too, Pallavi says if i were in your place then i would have married Monty in first place, he is a nice guy, do everything from heart, she leaves.
Ravi and Devika are going to venue, Ravi is in thoughts, she ask what happened to you? you are acting weird, you are walking without seeing if anyone is coming with you or not, do you have some illness? Ravi says you wont understand as you think this marriage is crap, he shows her flowers and ask what is good in these? she says they have nice color, they look nice, Ravi says thats it? you have seen them with eyes but their beauty has not gone to your heart, he bring flower for her and says you should feel beauty of this flower, she takes flower from her, Ravi says oneday you will feel their essence, then you will keep smiling too, Devika says are you trying to impress me? i am not fool like your ex girlfriends, Ravi says heart things are not learnt and said, when person you like comes infront of you, word come out easily.
Sakshi thinks that as engagement tine is coming close, my heart is dipping, Monty comes there and says sorry Sakshi, i dont know how this is happening, you know i cant do this, i didnt drink wine there, do you think i can do this cheap act? Sakshi says i know you cant do this, i trust you but someone has framed me, Monty ask why you didnt say no for marriage? Sakshi says i couldnt, Monty says i couldnt say no to Ravi as he has done alot for me, Sakshi says Rekha tries to do suicide, she is my mother and i cant see her in pain, if fate has brought us till here then this means this marriage is bound to happen.

Scene 2
Rekha is talking to guests and says i am thinking to do Ravi and DEvika’s engagement too. she comes to Manju and suggest Ravi and DEvika’s engagement, Ravi is tensed, Manju agrees, Devika is sad and leaves, Ravi thinks she will scold me again.
Ravi comes to Devika and says are you angry with me? Devika says Rekha have so much hopes from us, she thinks we are ideal couple, we have no problems, but she doesnt know that we dont have relation like husband and wife, we have no relation, i dont know when she will know this then how much pained she will be, Ravi says dont worry, i will talk to you openly, if you think you are right to hate me, you think i am wrong person then just follow that, you should follow your heart, if you dont want to do this engagement then i will say no, Devika says no if i can marry you for her happiness then i will do engagement too for her, Ravi says i will take off that ring from your finger later, i will have peace that atleast i lessen you pain a little.
Sakshi is in thought, she is dressed nicely.

Savitri is waiting for Saket, he comes there and check with am i able to go in? she suggests no, no relatives want you to be below, Saket suggests then how will i crack relationship? Savitri states when all are agreed for this marriage then what can we do, Saket says but this marriage should really get broken, she tells space no. of Monty and states go from again aspect and discuss with him but he must not come down for engagement like Sakshi and Monty’s marriage takes place then Devika and Ravi’s engagement will materialize much too as Rekha would like this, Saket claims i wont Allow this come about.
Saket secretly relates to meet up with Monty, Monty claims i dont wanna speak to you, go away from below, Saket states issue has previously are available, you dont know everything, Monty suggests This is often my conclusion and if i will regret this then It’s going to be my problem, i wil marry Sakshi and you cant do nearly anything, Saket suggests Ravi has trapped you, Monty suggests you dont know just about anything about relation, my brother is ideal Within this environment, Saket states your brother is rather clever, he cheats Every person, he cheated me and married Devika and now he is trapping you to make you marry Sakshi, what He’s expressing that he is accomplishing all this for everybody’s happiness? he is doing all this for his motives, he wishes to verify that he’s pretty wonderful man, I am able to halt this marriage as I’ve electric power but i dont want that, i just want you to open up your eyes.

PRECAP- Saket says to Monty that Ravi is applying to get his appreciate Devika. Ravi is getting Monty. Saket inquire Monty to check with anything from Ravi.

Written Update By Sahir


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