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Kalash 28th September 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Devika comes to Rekha, Rekha cries and says Sakshi is not understanding anything, DEvika says Sakshi is not mature enough, marriage is a big so she is not ready for it, i will talk to her, but why did you take such step? why did you try to suicide, this is immature too, promise me you wont do that again, Rekha promises, DEvika says dont cry, i will talk to Sakshi, she will agree for marriage, Sakshi comes and says no need for this, i am ready for marriage, Ravi comes there too, Sakshi hugs Rekha and says i am sorry, i became selfish, i was only thinking about my life, my dreams but i forgot that you have given me this life, you can ask anything from me, i dont wanna lose you, i am sorry, Rekha wipes her tears and hugs, DEvika silently thanks Ravi, Ravi wipes his tear, Devika wipes her tear, Ravi ask Pallavi to bring sweets, he jokes if you all family members keep crying?
Navi recalls how Monty agreed for relationship, she suggests Devika was miffed with Ravi but when thie marriage proposal transpired, DEvika got delighted, this marriage will carry Ravi and Devika close, am i performing oversight by preserving Ravi’s brother? but i haven’t any preference, Ravi and Devika can get shut if this relationship occurs, I’ve to halt this marriage, she’s shed in views and maintain filling h2o in glass, Sia arrives and ask What exactly are you carrying out”? Navi realizes that water is falling down from glass, she suggests I had been contemplating function, she leaves, Sia is fearful for her.
Ravi and Devika are heading back house, Ravi stops at tea stall, he talk to Devika will you consume tea? she claims yes, they sit at stall, Ravi washes his confront, Devika thinks Ravi has done a great deal of, he has built entire household concur for relationship, he built Sakshi agree for marriage also, i ought to thank him, i dont know the way he made Sakshi concur for this relationship, Ravi arrives again and is searching cloth to wipe face, Devika provides her saree pallu, he states can i use it? she suggests Of course, he states then you could possibly declare that I’ve utilized it, i must clean up it and i did that intentionally, she says no i wont express that, Ravi wipes h2o from his facial area employing her saree pallu, they share eyelock, the two sit to consume tea, Devika states can i talk to a detail? Ravi states you could ask around you want, Devika says what did you say to Sakshi that she agreed for marriage? she didnt concur even immediately after seeing Rekha’s well being but she agreed after you talked to her, Ravi suggests i mentioned to her Whatever you might have mentioned to her, she says what? Ravi claims you keep saying that i am a flirt And that i impress ladies very easily, i entice them in talks, Devika claims this isn’t accurate, Ravi suggests Sure real truth differs but you dont conform to my real truth, we should explain to real truth for the one particular who have confidence in you however, you dont trust me so i wont inform you, they end their tea, Devika inquire Ravi to ride bike quick as she has got to go home shortly, all must be concerned there, Ravi states you maintain my bike tightly, you rely on devices over folks so i cant trip is quickly, Devika suggests I’ll control that but you journey it quick, she sit behind him and puts hand on his shoulder and retains him, Ravi smiles and they leave.

Scene 2
all are executing preparations for Monty’s relationship, Monty is tensed, Vikas and Manju are packing gifts, Ravi finds Monty and Addy tensed, Ravi question Addy why that you are so severe? Addy states I’ve promised Monty which i will remain really serious till Monty’s relationship, Ravi laughs and claims what joke Is that this, Vikas says he must be sad that he’s not obtaining married prior to Monty, Shweta thinks that my brother performed good match but anything flipped, Manju states i will not likely head over to Savitri’s dwelling, you all will correct marriage’s day and Savitri will probably be there, her mood can get off And that i dont want anything at all like that in content instant therefore you all go, Ravi suggests alright.
Shweta suggests to herself that why Saket is silent? they are planning for marriage and he is not executing anything, she calls Saket and claims precisely what is All of this going on, why You aren’t doing anything at all, they are going to Savitri’s household to repair day, Saket ask if all have gone from residence? Shweta suggests no, Manju has stayed back, Saket suggests I’ll train your mother in legislation someday, i have to talk to Monty as i have produced some strategy, do something to deliver Manju away from house.
Pallavi is in university, she meets Sia and tells her about Sakshi’s wedding, she question Sia to come back in day repairing ceremony, Sia states i also prefer to see these indian rituals but i should submit venture, I’ll appear later, Pallavi agrees and leaves, Sia claims she is a good Woman.
All are in Savitri’s dwelling, Pundit is locating day suited to marriage, he states relationship is about 7lives so we have to see all the things for delighted everyday living, Devika glances Ravi listening this, Pundit suggests There may be a person very good day after a month, and There may be also a superb day following five times but its far too quickly, all thinks, Savtiri thinks that thank God i will have per month to complete anything to interrupt this relationship, Devika states we cant do marriage in 5 times, Rekha says no It will likely be wonderful, We are going to do preparations, Shekhar claims how every little thing will transpire? Rekha states no if every one of us do do the job then five times are sufficient to do marriage, one particular month is alot, Ravi says she is right, i will do all preparations in at some point, also court circumstance will probably be taking place, until then Sakshi and Monty’s lifetime will comeback to ordinary much too, dada says he is correct, we must always do relationship following 5days, Sakshi states but so soon? Rekha inquire you may have any situation? Sakshi suggests no, i was just stating its so quickly, i have currently concur for marriage so i dont have any problem.

PRECAP- Sakshi says to Ravi and Devika that you both dont worry, i will not do any drama in my marriage like that happened in your wedding, DEvika gets tensed and looks at Ravi.

Written Update By Sahir


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