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Kalash 22nd December 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Saket gets call from someone, he gets tensed and says i am coming, he says to Rekha that i have party meeting, i have to go, he leaves Roka. Ravi thinks that Saket seems tensed it means its related to Monty, i have to follow him, Ravi says to Rekha that i have meeting with Navi for a project so i have to leave, can i? Rekha says yes work is important, you go, Ravi puts hand around Devika’s shoulder and says i am leaving precious thing here, take care of her, Rekha smiles and says yes, Ravi greets Devika and leaves.
Saket goes in his car, Ravi tries to start his bike but its not starting, Ravi follows Saket’s car in auto rickshaw.
Navi is going and finds Monty, she sees him but he goes missing again.
Ravi comes to Navi and ask why did she call? Navi says i saw Monty today, i tried to follow him but he hided, i tried my best but he got lost again, Ravi says thank you so much, you have done so much for me, one side is my wife who is against me and you are doing so much for me, he hugs her, Navi is surprised and says i am with you Ravi, she moves her hand over him, he breaks hug and says what are you doing? Navi says i wanted to say something from many days, dont go away from me, i want to come closer to you, i will be good wife, from the time i have seen you, i just love you, i cant stay away from you, i love you alot… it all turns out to be Navi’s dream, she finds servant in her room who ask her to come for lunch, she scolds him and tells him to get lost, he goes, Navi says i have to fulfill my dream.
Ravi is following Saket, he says why Saket is going in same club where Monty and Sakshi got caught in drug case? what he is doing in this club, i have to find, Ravi comes in club and finds Saket talking to waiter, Saket says to waiter that i gave you money to framing Monty and Sakshi in drug case but i will not give you more money, dont try to blackmail me, waiter says you dont know it was such a big work, i had to put drugs over them too, our hotel’s license was going to cancel but i didnt take your name, Ravi thinks that it means nothing wrong happened in part, it was all Saket’s plan to frame Sakshi and Monty, Ravi’s phone rings, Saket sees someone standing behind pillar, he goes to check behind pillar but Ravi leaves from there in time, Saket thinks who was behind pillar listening my talks?
Ravi is hiding and says its Saket who trapped Sakshi and Monty, Navi calls him but Ravi says i cant take her call, i have to find that waiter, he ends call, Navi says i am dying to listen his voice and he has cut my call.
Saket brings waiter in corner, waiter says i need money, please give it, Saket points gun at him and says if you need bullets? he says no and gets afraid, Saket ask him to go back to his village and if he is seen again then he will him, waiter says i will go back, Saket says be careful, my men are keeping eye on your family in village, if you do anything against me then your family is gone, he gives him money and says this is money to buy ticket and go back to village, you should not be seen again, waiter agrees and leaves.

Scene 2
Devika talk to Sakshi if she is not content? if You aren’t happy with this marriage then convey to me, I’ll quit this relationship, i will pacify Saket too, Sakshi remembers how Saket explained low-priced things to her like following marriage he will touch her everytime, how He’s bullying her, Sakshi is afraid and states I assumed alot And that i got to understand that couple items are certainly not inside our Regulate, Saket is usually of any character but i have to marry him, Devika claims i feel Ravi will check with you to not marry Saket, he will try and convince you to convey no for relationship but dont listen to him, Sakshi thinks that i know why Ravi is executing all this, he knows Saket’s truth of the matter much too and wants to save me, Sakshi states Alright i will not listen to him but You need to guarantee me that you’re going to not battle with Ravi for me, you will test to be aware of him and will retain him pleased, Devika claims ok i assure I’ll retain him joyful, I’ll satisfy all obligations of the spouse, Sakshi gets delighted, Devika thinks how you can let you know Sakshi that Ravi is at the rear of building Monty runaway from marriage, he has snatched your joy therefore you remain pondering his pleasure.
Ravi is obtaining waiter, he goes in workers area and comes out in waiter’s costume, he finds Saket coming there and bends down acting as though He’s tying his shoe laces, Saket sees him but couldnt see his facial area as Ravi has his back toward Saket, Saket relates to Ravi and offers him his look at which was lying there, Ravi takes it, Saket leaves. some customers concerns Ravi imagining its manager, they complain regarding their home, Ravi says I’ll deliver an individual to the space, consumers question them to come with them, Ravi goes with them, which is considering exactly where that waiter must be, Ravi finds same waiter whom Saket was chatting, he suggests to purchaser which i will comeback.
Ravi relates to waiter and request him to tell him every thing what he understands, waiter states what? Ravi says i wanna all the things which Saket did that evening in get together, so tell me anything, waiter is stunned.

PRECAP- Devika gets call that Ravi has been arrested, Devika gets shocked. Ravi is jail, Saket comes to him and smirks evilly.

Written Update By Atiba


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