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Kalash 2nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1

Ravi thinks why Devika did this? she promised to come here but broke her promise, why Devika, why?
Saket and Navi are in car, Saket says Devika would be with me, she will be mine, its awesome, Navi sys think about Ravi, he must be sad and helpless but i wont let him be alone now, Saket says our lives are going to change, Navi says credit goes to me, Saket says i agree, you have done great work but we have to be careful, Ravi should not see us together, Navi says but he knows that we know each other, Saket says yes but he will have doubt if he sees us together, RAvi comes infront of Saket’s car by mistake, Saket applies brakes, Ravi is shocked to see Navi with Saket.
Goons have brought Devika at their den, one goon says that she will not become conscious soon, DEvika calls Ravi in unconscious state, goon says seems like she loves her husband alot.
Navi comes out of car and asks Ravi if he fine? Ravi says yes, what are you doing with this jerk? Navi says my car brokedown so i took lift from Saket, Ravi says but your house is on other side, Navi says i told you i have to meet my friend, her house is in this area, she asks if he met Devika? Ravi says yes, i am going on dinner with her, Saket says how come? Ravi says why cant i? Navi says no i mean we were talking about you and Devika that your couple is great, Ravi says i cant believe that Saket said it, Navi asks Ravi if he can drop her? Ravi says actually.. Navi says yes you must have to meet Devika, she must be waiting for you, Navi leaves with Saket, Ravi thinks where Devika must be?
Sakshi says to Monty that did you get Ravi’s call? he says no, Sakshi says it was 4pm’s date but its already 9pm, if they will come after dinner? i wanna know everything about date. Ravi comes there, Sakshi says am sure Devika is slow in telling all this so she must have took time, she asks Ravi where is Devika? Ravi says what you mean? she didnt come home? Sakshi says she is out of house since afternoon, Ravi says i kept waiting for her in hotel but she didnt come there, dont joke, she is here, Sakshi says no she is not here, she told me that you called her in car, Ravi says i didnt call her in any car, Sakshi says then who did? she called me and told me that you are calling her in car, she was worried, someone was following her, Ravi asks her to tell everything, Sakshi says Devika was in gift shop, she was tensed and called me but Parmindar didnt allow me to go then she called me again and was sounding happy saying that you are planning a surprise for her, this means she is big trouble, Ravi is shocked.

PRECAP- Saket looks at unconscious Ravi, he says nobody can help you now, we will go away from here, you will be in my arms, Navi smirks. Ravi meets a shopkeeper who tells Ravi that some goons came in my shop and bought ropes but i didnt know they will use it to kidnap someone. Ravi tells Navi that someone has kidnapped Devika from market.

Written Update By Atiba


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