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Kalash 1st September 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene 1

Ravi ask Saket what he is doing here? i am leaving, Saket says will drop you to your house, Ravi says i cant bear you for second, he goes down from car, Saket ask DEvika are you coming with me or going with in jungle? she says i came here with Ravi so will go back with him, she gets down from car too, she comes to Ravi and ask is it hurting you? he ask why did you take SAket’s help? she says i was alone on road so i took his help, i can trust him, Ravi says he most disgusting man, he planned everything in house, when housekeeping told me that no girl works there then i knew it was Saket’s plan, i went of room to get some space to sleep, a girl came to me and asked help to get blankets from store room, i went with her but door was locked from outside, Devika says if this was case then why you didnt tell me before? you are making story now, Saket is here for meeting, Ravi says he is lying, he did all this to put me down in your eyes, DEvika says why you always blame him? whatever allegations you have put Saket you never proved it but whatever Saket said about you, it is always proved right, did Saket asked you to go out of room? you feel angry when i talk to Saket but what about you? do you even know how it feels when i see you with girls, it doesnt mean that i have feelings for you but we are in relation, atleat think about my Chachi, she thinks you are a nice guy, i dont tell them anything about you, i think that let things be like this only, i will bear it, i know you are a flirt, you cant stay away from girls but atleast dont do all this infront of me, i am ready to bear all this, i am ready to bear this relation but i dont want to hurt my family, if anything happens to my chachi then i wont be able to forgive myself, i am telling to not break me emotionally, please be little conscious, she cries and walks away, Ravi thinks that wish DEvika i can tell you how much i love you.

Scene 2

Navi comes to her india’s office, all officers are having chit chat, she scold them and ask why they are not working? one man says that you went from here and all projects stopped so we dont have any work to do, Navi says you could have started new projects, where is Ravi? a man says he is on honeymoon, Navi ask finance head to come in office.

Devika is walking and loses balances, she falls on road, Ravi comes to her and ask her to show him feet, she doesnt let him, Ravi holds her purse, he lifts her in arms, Ankhon his ankhon plays, she looks at him, Ravi’s hair irritates him, DEvika set it right, both share eyelock.

Navi thinks that i have to close to Ravi’s chapter, i cant disturb Sia’s studies, i should know what Ravi thinks about me, was he forced to do this marriage, i will sort this out and will return to India, she calls Ravi but its switched off, she says i will wait for him to return then will talk to him.

Someone give miscall to Pallavi, Sakshi teases her and ask who is the guy? Pallavi ask her to shut up. Monty thinks that this time i should call her not miscall, i calls her, Pallavi ask who are you? Monty doesnt answer, Sakshi takes call and ask are you dumb? Monty ends call and thinks what to do, Pallavi ask whats this way to talk, SAkshi says this is only way to talk to dumb people, if you wanna talk then call him back.

Scene 3

Ravi and DEvika return home, DEvika thinks if Manju talk to me why we return shortly then what will i say? if i convey to her about Ravi’s inexpensive act then she will notify Rekha, what to do, Shweta opens gate and question you equally ended up coming after 4 times so why you returned quickly? DEvika and Ravi appears to be like at each other and goes in property, Manju sees them, Manju check with Ravi how he got wounded on head? why this bandage? Vikas says I’ll provide drinking water, she check with what happened? why you returned so shortly? DEvika claims really.. RAvi suggests file you had despatched us on correct time then This is able to haven’t occurred, he beverages drinking water, Manju request what took place? Ravi claims we experienced quite a few complications, we went there simply but didnt uncover space in almost any resort, i fought with lodge team, Vikas talk to did they hit you on head? Ravi says no, we were on highway and experienced nowhere to go, Manju claims Evidently convey to how you bought hurt, DEvika thinks what he tells her that i had hit him, Ravi states This is due to of DEvika, DEvika thinks that i’m his hiding large crime and what sort of particular person he is, cant hide my modest error, Manju check with what? Ravi states we had been preventing about way then I believed which i shouldn’t battle with spouse as in conclude i need to hear her, i went on the best way which she advised me, goons came there and defeat me, they’ve got taken my mobile and everything, we took raise and cameback, Manju claims i will deliver you to other honeymoon right after acquiring muhrat from Pundit, Ravi claims one more honeymoon? he claims no, she says dont get worried, you go and take relaxation.

Navi thinks how to find when will Ravi return or ought to I’m going where he is on honeymoon, who can tell me about Ravi, she thinks about Manju and states no, she’s gossip queen, if i talk to her about Ravi then she will make situation, she thinks about Savitri but then thinks that she’s alsno not fantastic choice, she says i need to message Ravi to phone me back again, when his cellular will activate then He’ll reply me, i will inquire him if he is on honeymoon for Significantly times then i will go there and clear things.

Ravi and DEvika are in space, Ravi thinks that she need to be thinking that i am inexpensive and clever, she is not going to state that i saved her but will feel that i am this kind of clever and liar person that i produced story infront of all, Devika thinks He’s such a liar that produced story so routinely, DEvika is staring Ravi, Ravi thinks so much anger? thank God almost nothing is in her fingers else i would’ve died, DEvika thinks just after much he is smiling.

PRECAP- Saket says to Shweta that everything was going as per plan but it failed, now nothing will happen with small misunderstandings, i will have to plan something big to separate them.

Written Update By Sahir


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