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Kalash 1st October 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Ravi comes to Saket, Monty is gone from there, he ask Saket why you are here? Saket said i had some work in market, Ravi says i know you are lying, you are here to meet Monty, Saket says yes i met him, i thought to ask him if he needs help in case? Ravi says i am telling you last time that be away from my family, why you dont live your life, if you try to hurt my family then it will be bad for you, he is about to leave but Saket stops him and says you married DEvika and didnt get her, she didnt let you come closer to her thats why you are getting angry on me, this is problem, Ravi says you are problem of everything, he will finish it, he takes rod and is about to hit Saket, Saket stops him and ask what are you doing? Ravi says if you try to interfere in our lives then i will not leave you again, he leaves.
Ravi comes back again property with household, Devika finds him indignant and thinks that he was high-quality in shop, what took place to him now? must i talk to him? however, if i ask him then he will say i am worried for him, Monty is tensed to discover Ravi angry and thinks what Saket had advised him anything.
Saket thinks about Ravi Warning him, he beats his servant and claims I’m not afraid of you, how dare you alert me, Savitri calls Saket and taunts him that do get presents for Sakshi and Monty’s marriage.
Ravi is changing shirt in room, he opens button of his shirt, Devika comes from washroom and starts wiping her wet hairs, Ravi is mesmerized with her beauty, Yeh Moh Moh dhaage plays, Ravi comes to her and puts her hairs on one side of shoulder, she is tensed and looks at him, Ravi puts her hand on his chest, she ask what are you doing? he says i am trying to come closer to you, she says no need.. be.. be away from me, she fumbles, Ravi walks towards her, she moves back, Ravi caresses her face and says when i dont matter to you then why you are tensed? if you have no feelings for me then which thing is making you afraid? he moves back and says i am sorry, i saw wiping your hairs and couldnt stop myself, i thought what if this space doesnt get less, but it can fade away for a moment, my heart slipped for moment and i came closer to you but i will not come closer to you again till you dont want it, i will come closer to only when you will give me permission, he moves back, Devika is tensed, she runs and hugs him, she says dont leave me alone ever, Ravi hugs her back… this all turns about to be Ravi’s dream, Devika comes to Ravi and is ready in saree, she ask where are you lost? Ravi is confused and says where are flowers, candles etc, Devika ask are you drunk again? he says no, she says you have not even changed for engagement function, go and get ready, she leaves, Ravi says what was that? he laughs on himself.
Manju scolds Shweta and ask her to get ready for function, Monty’s mother comes there after getting ready, Manju ask her to ask Monty if he will get ready in hall or in home?

Scene 2
Rekha and family relates to venue, they say corridor is very wonderful, Ravi is really a diamond, Saket calls Savitri and states I need to return in engagement purpose, do something that I’m able to are available, Savitri states but, he states no buts, if you need to quit this engagement then You need to do a thing in order that I am able to are available in, he finishes call, Savitri involves Shekhar and ask did you invite Anyone for engagement? Shekhar claims i didnt invite him, Rekha states why should really we invite him? We’ve got no relation with him, Savitri suggests he has doen a lot of for us, Rekha suggests he may have carried out issues but when He’s about then it doesnt give good vibes, also Ravi’s household will not likely like his existence so Permit him be, they go away, Savitri thinks what really should i do? if i pressure them much to ask Saket then they will doubt me.
Navi says to herself that Ravi and Devika are coming close in this marriage, i have to stop this marriage, i have to be there but i am not invited, i will feel awkward going there without invitation, she messages Manju congratulating Monty for engagement, Ravi and Devika comes there, Manju ask Ravi did you call Navi for engagement? Ravi says whats the need? she is a busy person Manju says she its our duty to call her, she has helped us so much, call her and invite her, Ravi looks at Devika who is glancing at him too, Ravi calls Navi, she gets happy and takes call, he says i am sorry i couldnt attend you in morning, i had work, Navi says i understand, all is well? if you need any help then tell me, Ravi says everything is fine, i have called you to invite you in engagement, we couldnt invite you earlier, Navi says no need to be formal, i have a meeting, if that gets finished then i will come in function, Ravi says sure work is first, i will message you address, he ends call, Navi says now i cant miss this chance.

PRECAP- Monty ask Ravi is everything fine between you and Devika? Saket is listening all this and thinks now he will not lie. Ravi says to Monty you are right, we dont have relationship like normal husband and wife.

Written Update By Sahir


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