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Kalash 18th September 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
DEvika says to herself that my family is broken, no one is fine, dont know why Ambe Maa is giving us punishment, only Ambe Maa can bring us out of this problem, dont know how are all in family, i have come here when my family need me most, dont know Rekha have eaten anything or not, dont know how Sakshi must be controlling herself, i should call and check, she calls Sakshi, Sakshi takes her call and ask where are you? she cries, Devika ask her to not cry, Sakshi says i tried alot but Rekha.. Devika ask what happened to her? Sakshi says i went to her with food, i tried to feed her but she said to give her poison instead, i have hurt her alot, i dont wanna live, i should die, its better, Devika says what you are saying, life is very important, Rekha must have said that in anger, she loves you alot, we all love you, dont hurt yourself, dont do anything like that, dont even think about it, Ravi listens their conversation hiding behind curtain, DEvika ends call and says to herself that how can Rekha say such big to Sakshi, what is happening to my family and how it will get fine, she cries, Ravi comes in and sit beside him, Ravi says i went to your house to meet Rekha, she was sleeping so i didnt disturb her, i met Sakshi and asked her to not leave hope, i said that i will set everything, Devika says when you will set everything? when Rekha and Sakshi dies? Ravi says what are you saying? DEvika says Rekha asked Sakshi to give her poison, Sakshi said to me that she doesnt wanna live, she wanna die, did anyone from your family said to you that he wanna die? did monty said that he wanna end his life? no as they dont care, even if anything happens to Sakshi or Rekha, it will not matter to you, Ravi says i promise you nothing willl happen, DEviak says you wanna do promise? then promise me that Rekha and Sakshi will not be hurt again in life, they will live peacefully, Sakshi will forget her pain and live happily, can you promise me? you cant, when trust get broken then its very difficult to handle things, i trusted you blindly and you broke it, now i cant trust anyone, may all other listen to you, they trust you but i cant, remember one thing Rekha and Sakshi are my life, and if anything happen to my life then i wont let you live peacefully, she goes and lies in bed, she cries, Ravi is tensed and silent.

Scene 2
Shweta is smiling and brings tea for Manju, Manju ask why you are so content? door bell rings, shweta opens doorway, Navi comes in with lawyer, Manju welcomes her, Manju request Shweta to provide tea, Navi inquire Manju how are you presently? he says fine, navi ask about Ravi? Manju suggests he went away from dwelling, you’ve some do the job from him? Navi suggests no, DEvika comes there and looks at her, she recalls how Manju mentioned that she wanted to Navi her daughter in regulation, Navi suggests Hello to Devika, DEvika doesnt remedy and leaves, Navi thinks what transpired to her, Navi request Monty to inform anything about that night to attorney, attorney check with Monty werer you partying with the school close friends? he claims Of course only Sakshi was outsider, Navi ask Lawyer to take him to room and check with every little thing, Monty and attorney leaves, Manju many thanks Navi for assisting them, Navi suggests i get in touch with you aunty so We now have relation, Manju goes to receive contact, Shweta thinks why this modern day Lady is showing a great deal appreciate, she question Navi which you came in Ravi’s wedding, Navi claims no one understood that it was Ravi’s marriage, i went there to attend Devika’s wedding only, Shweta claims you will need to know the reason driving Ravi getting married to Devika, navi suggests no, Shweta says I realize why Ravi married Devika, dont explain to this everyone, DEvika has 10crores assets in her name, you know the way greedy my mom in legislation is, Ravi needed to seize chance, he married her to have that assets, she leaves, Navi thinks so This is often why Ravi married DEvika, he doesnt like her, i didnt reply to his proposal previously thats why he acquired married to DEvika, This can be such Excellent news, Shweta thinks i should notify Saket that i have carried out his get the job done.
Ravi is sitting near tea stall and recalls how Devika warned him that if anything at all comes about to Rekha and Sakshi then she will not go away him, he remembers how he promised Rekha that he is not going to tears are available in Devika’s eyes, he says I’m sorry Rekha, i broke your assure, i did that assure with total coronary heart but couldnt follow it, I’m caught in troubles only, he says no I’ve to locate solution to this Resolution, there must be way to resolve this problem, he receives strategy and claims only This really is way.

Scene 3

Ravi comes to Monty and ask what i necessarily mean for you? Monty claims you will be my hero, I like you extra Despite having simple fact you are not my true brother, you may have saved me and served me generally, Ravi question if you’re keen on me that Significantly then are you able to do anything for me? Monty claims just say it, I’ll do it, Ravi states to Monty that Believe I am able to inquire something from you, Monty says Even when you want me to take blame of drug scenario only on me, preserve Sakshi from All of this and drop by jail then I’ll do this, Ravi states then assure me you will do what I would like, Monty promises, Ravi inquire Monty to have married to Sakshi, Monty is stunned, and pulls his hand back, Monty says relationship and with Sakshi? what you are inquiring, Ravi suggests you promised me, Sakshi is your Good friend, Monty states but i have my long run, Ravi claims your long term is wrecked, faculty will rusticate you, but when you get married to SAkshi then It’ll be slap on individual who haws carried out All of this, Monty says Sakshi and i are incredibly distinctive, even she will likely not agree for this relationship, Ravi i will discuss with her, you dont know when Girl’s regard is maligned then she can do suicide then Rekha can give up her lifetime also, DEvika loves her family alot, she goes mad powering them, if you concur for this marriage then both of those people will get contentment, if you like somebody else then i is not going to power you, Monty thinks if i give Pallavi’s identify them matters will go extra worst, he says no, Ravi suggests then say Of course for relationship, I’m feeling so helpless, i am shed, i am defeated, I’m folding my fingers, do this marriage, Monty suggests dont make this happen, i am indebted for you, Monty says you would like me for getting married to Sakshi? so fantastic i am ready to marry Sakshi, Ravi hugs him.

PRECAP- Ravi claims to DEvika which i have found Alternative of this issue, DEvika talk to him to get it done not say it. Ravi relates to Devika’s household and claims i have Remedy for this problem, Atal ask what? Ravi states I’ve brought monty’s relationship proposal for Sakshi, all are stunned.

Written Update By Sahir


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