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Kalash 18th January 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Devika comes to Ravi, she puts his head on her lap and smiles at him, she gets emotional, she says i was so wrong about you, i couldnt see your love, you did everything for me, Devika says that i couldnt see your life, i have hurt you so much and you see me and understand that i am tensed and hurt, i couldnt see your truth, i am sorry, now i have realized what true love is, what trust is, till now what you were feeling, now i am feeling same, nothing wrong will happen now, there will be love only between us, i am really sorry for hurting you, she holds her ears and says your Kach Kach will love you only from now on, Sadqe tere plays.
Saket comes to Navi’s house, she asks how dare you disturb me at this time? Saket says i went to kill Ravi but Devika saw me, Navi is stunned,
Monty is sleeping on bed while Sakshi is standing by window side, Monty wakes up and asks why she didnt sleep till now? Sakshi says i am tensed thinking about Ravi did so much for us, he gave us courage to fight against Saket and he got insulted for this, to save our relation, Devika and Ravi’s relation is at stake now, my sindoor has brought problems in Ravi and Devika’s life, Monty thinks that how to tell you Sakshi that i can give you love which you deserve but i wont let anything happen to Devika and Ravi’s marriage, Sakshi says Devika is not ready to listen to me, Monty says we should do something for them, we became friends when we tried to bring Devika and Ravi closer, now we have different relation and can work on that plan again, we will wait for moments to get ideas but for that we should sleep now, he says good night, Sakshi nods and goes to washroom.
Ravi is sleeping and smiling in sleep, Devika says you are like kid when you smile like this, you used to smile like this when i used to fight with you, she recalls how Ravi gifted her crystal ball, Banjara song plays, she brings that ball and says you were right Ravi when hearts feel same, when they love each other then they beat same way and they live together for whole life like us, if there was a dance competition for married couples then you would have won it but now its my turn, i will fulfill this marriage, my truth is that i cant live without you, i love you, i couldnt say it before but now i will tell you thousand times that i love you, today when you will wake up then you will see your Devika who loves you alot, i love i love you alot Ravi, she smiles at Ravi.

Scene 2
Its morning, Ravi wakes up and recalls how Devika said at night that they should end this relation, he says enough, i loved her so much, i gifted her my heart, i did everything for her, i got insulted so much because of her so that she keep smiling, i lived with head high but bowed down for Devika’s happiness but she doesnt trust me but not anymore, he wipes his tears and says it doesnt matter what she thinks, from now this relation is just name sake, Agar Tum saath ho plays, he recalls Devika’s harsh words.

PRECAP- Sakshi says to Ravi that Devika have made halwa fro you. Ravi says i dont wanna miss office, i am getting late, he leaves without eating Halwa, Devika gets sad.

Written Update By Atiba


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