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Kalash 17th November 2015 Written Update

Scene 1

Devika says my heart says that Ravi will not hurt me as he loves me, or he wanna win my trust so that he can break it again, i used to trust him like this but he broke it, but i cant think that bad about him, its not like if he hurt me earlier then he would hurt me again, i will trust him completely this time, i have seen love in his eyes, he cant hurt me as the one who you love you cant hurt them, love means trust thats why he trust me so much and now i have toi show that trust to him, Sadqe tere plays, Devika smiles.
Manju is deciding clothes, she ask Shweta that Saket didnt come to say sorry, Shweta says he will come for sure, Manju ask Monty to decide Sherwani, Monty says take anyone, i am not interested, he leaves, Navi comes there and says i have come with Ravi and also i thought to help you in marriage preparations, Manju thanks her, Navi says last night party was great but Devika created issue there, she ask can i go to washroom? Manju says yes, Navi goes.
Sakshi says Monty called me, he wanted to talk something, it must be important, she calls him but he is not picking up, she messages him.
Saket has comes to meet Manju, Saket says i have done many mistakes and i wanna say sorry as we are relatives, we should think about others, you are mother in law of my sister, i am sorry for my conduct in past, forgive me if you can, i am sorry for all that, if you have any work then tel me, Manju says ok i am giving you chance, you can help Vikas in wedding preparations, she leaves, Saket thanks Shweta for help and says he will gift her diamond.
Navi satisfies Ravi and suggests i have Business office get the job done, she talks about venture, Ravi says i have finished all of the operate about that challenge, Navi states i wanna see mails, Ravi demonstrates her on his cellular, Devika arrives there and sees them shut, she leaves from there, Ravi sees her and states to Navi which i will tell all the things afterwards, he goes.
Devika suggests what issue this Navi have? why she continue to keep coming right here, she always overlook that it’s not london, she ought to keep in mind that RAvi is married person, Ravi will come there, DEvika claims i know you’ve are available home and standing at the rear of me, Ravi says how you got to know that i have come in area? Devika claims i could feel your presence, Ravi says if you can really feel my presence with out looking at me then this means our coronary heart strings are attached and there is one thing involving us, Devika says almost nothing like that, no strings are connected, dont visualize matters, Ravi suggests its correct, We’ve one thing amongst us thats why you still left any time you observed me Navi and entertain her, you dont care if i feel poor or not, Ravi suggests i take care of you thats why i arrived at the rear of you, Devika states then why are you presently teasing me? notify me what happened on get together night, Ravi suggests ok I’ll show you everything, he tells her that she obtained drunk, insulted Navi then left celebration then he observed her in jungle then we cameback home and you simply slept, Devika says i thought i would’ve finished some thing extremely Improper but i didnt do Significantly, Ravi says I used to be just teasing you, Devika says Of course you dont go away any opportunity to tease me, she talk to if only this took place? did he make use of her in drunk condition? she realizes what she has reported and will get silent, Ravi suggests i tease you, i joke with you but i wont do something devoid of your consent, i wont do everything what is going to hurt you, from today i will do while you say, i wonr harm you ever, i will deliver all contentment of globe so as to continue to keep smiling normally, i promise you this from my heart, they share eyelock as Banjaraa tune plays, Saket see them and thinks that my blood boils seein them alongside one another, this Ravi doesnt depart any chance to gain this obstacle from me, Devika has tears, Ravi suggests I’ll bring ice creams in your case but dont cry as i cant see you crying, Devika states its okay, i am forgiving you this time, Saket leaves, Ravi arrives out and sees him in residence, he claims how dare you arrive listed here, Saket claims This is often my sister’s household way too, Manju has forgiven me, Ravi claims stay away from my dwelling, Saket request In case you are frightened looking at me here? you must be contemplating how you may fool Devika infront of my existence, i wish to check if you actually profitable challenge or merely fooling me, Ravi says then see me winning, remain here, he leaves, Saket says Allow my trick be successful then We are going to see.

PRECAP- Ravi says to Devika that your wait is over now you can fulfill dream of your mother and i will help you in this, DEvika hugs Ravi being happy.

Written Update By Atiba


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