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Kalash 15th April 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Ravi sleeps in devika’s lap. She says I have to pack. He says you are going to Dehli what will you ask God? She says you tell first. He says i asked first. She says you asked that means you had something in mind. he says you tell first. She says tell first or I will be mad. he says just that we both stay together always. Now i told you tell me what will you ask. She says leave it. he says why are you being shy? She says promise you wont make fun of me. He says I won’t. i think we should.. It will make us both happy. Our child.That will be symbol of our happiness. i want to see our love in everything. What happened? Did i say something. He says I felt like you are going away from me. She says you want to get rid of me? I wont leave you. He says we are married twice. I promised you 14 lives. She says I will never leave you and keep an eye on you. You are so special to me. Ravi says we will start a new life and kisses her forehead.

manju says to navi this yatra of Devika can help us out. Our plan might work out. Navi says I will come with you. Wont get a better chance. The best part is no one will doubt us. Manju says you got it now. Just make a good plan. Navi says but what will your family think. We will need a solid reason. Manju says your company is helping devika for her dream. We will say that you are going to pray for it. there can’t be a better reason. Navi says very good. now I will make a plan that will break devika. Manju says our lives will change.

Shewta meets Saket. She tells him that she is going. She says whole family is going and navi is coming with us too. Saket says in heart she must have a plan. saket says I wanna come too. Shweta says okay I will handle the rest.
Ravi says she didn’t tell me? He calls navi. Navi says what he wants now? She says yes why called so late? he says wasn’t sleeping.Done with packing? She says what? He says you told me you are going to mumbai. She says no that conference is cancelled. he says then lets meet tomorrow.She says I am busy tomorrow. He says day after tomorrow?She says I don’t have time and hangs up. He says what you thought I wont know? You will be shocked to see me there.

A man gives navi a paper and says it has all proofs. he says my payment? She says I don’t have cash. Come tomorrow. He says i want it today. She says look at time. I don’t have it right. he says i am not fool. I can even go against you. She says warn someone else. Wont work on me. Come tomorrow.He says i want my money tomorrow morning.
Navi says I only think about what i want. Tomorrow is so important for me. I have to send devika to her right place.

Devika and ravi are packing. He says i thought i will wear you sari there. Keep my clothes too. She says i don’t have space. he says you have kept so many clothes. She says I will adjust yours. Bring ambi maa’s photo. He says I can pack whole house for you.
Shweta and vikaas are packing too. He says why is saket coming? She says he is my brother. Because of him you have a job. If navi can come why can’t he?
Ravi says you said you wanted kids and they should be like me. She says they will be like me fair. He says yes and talkative all the time.

Navi comes to house. saket says welcome. surprise to see me? He says I should be surprised. You were so busy yet you came here?It will be a loss.All for ravi? She says actually I.. he says dazed to see me here? What you thought I wont know. i am coming too.
The thug keep calling navi but she hangs up.

Rekha is worried. Palavi says why are you worried?She says I saw a bad dream. Devika was surrounded by shadows, i feel like something wrong is gonna happen. Palavi says everything will be fine.Don’t worry. rekha says take care of my laddo God.
Navi is driving. Saket talks to devika. Navi says in heart ravi is enjoying with her. Ravi will comeback alone. Your few breaths are left devika.

Monty gets a call and says what?But how? Oh. I will tell you.Saket says what happened? He says our travel agent called he said there is land sliding. The roads are blocked. Let me call bhai and tell him.Monty calls Ravi and tells him. He says stop there we are coming. Devika says what happened?

Written Update by Atiba

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