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Kalash 15th January 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Devika says to Ravi that you ended up everything, you cheated me one more time when i started trusting you again, she says you have snatched mRekha from me, i never saw my mother’s face but Rekha brought me up like my mother, you have snatched her love from me, where will i go now? you wont understand all this as money is what matters to you, i kept giving chances to our marriage, i thought our marriage will workout for sure but i was wrong to have hopes from you, she wipes her tears and says i break this relation, i will never forget what you did with me, i dont need you now, you snatched my family from me, my helplessness is that i have to live in this house but i will be away from you, she takes pillow and leaves room, Ravi is hurt.
Saket is drinking wine and says i bear Ravi’s anger, everything because of DEvika but not anymore, ts time to pay him back, now i will tell him about the real face of Saket Kapoor.
Sakshi is sitting in room, Monty comes there with glass of water, he offers it to her, she takes it and drinks, Monty says we had weird wedding, we didnt have any enjyment in it, Sakshi says it doesnt matter, Ravi saved us and now his relation is at stake, i am feeling bad, Monty says dont know why Devika is thinking wrong about him, he did all this for us, Sakshi says he had to bear so much insult for us, Monty says we have to do something, Sakshi says we have to talk to Devika and tell her that Ravi did all this for us so that their misunderstanding ends, she leaves.
Sakshi comes to DEvika in kitchen and says i wanna talk to you, DEvika says i dont wanna talk to you, Sakshi says i wanna tell you truth, Devika says you and Ravi only knows how to cheat, Sakshi says Ravi took right decision for me because of you as he loves you and want to keep you happy, Devika says i have listened all these lies from him, you can trust him but i cant now, i gave him chances but he couldnt prove himself right, he married me and i am ashamed of reason behind it, Sakshi says you are wrong, he loves you, i never wanted to marry Saket, he saved me, Devika says you did what you wanted, you cheated us and didnt think about us, Saket was saving our respect and you did this with him, Sakshi says you dont know Saket is devil, Ravi is doing all this for you, you will regret about your thinking for him later, Devika sas i am regretting that i feel for Ravi, i have to live with him, Ravi did what he wanted but you are my sister, you cheated me too? you took Ravi’s side and didnt tell me anything, i always took your side but you did this with me? i am not going to accept your lie, she leaves, Ravi is listening all this, Ravi thinks how can she leave our room? there are so many memories related with this room, he imagines Devika in room, Devika says we did shopping and you are not holding bags, Ravi hugs her and says i am thinking to have Garah parvesh, Devika says whats this, Ravi says please let me do it, i wanna tell you that this house is of everyone but this room is ours only, he enters room with Devika and says now its done, Devika says i used to get irritated with your words but now i love you for all this, be like this always, imagination ends, Ravi thinks that she can end relation with me but how can she end relation which is from heart?

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