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Kalash 13th October 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Pallavi tells Rekha about Savitri mixing something in Mehndi, Rekha gets tensed.
Rekha ask Devika to bring gifts from room.
Devika comes in room and sees gifts placed on cupboard, she thinks how to bring them down, Ravi comes there, he lies on sofa and covers himself under mattresses, Devika pulls Sofa towards cupboard, she stand on sofa and bring gifts done, she comes down and finds Ravi sleeping on sofa, she is stunned and comes closer to him, she checks him if he is fine, she leans towards him, Navi sees them like this and gets angry, she leaves, Ravi pulls her closer, he holds her, devika jerks him away and ask what are you doing, Ravi wakes up and says i was sleeping peacefully but you destroyed my sleep, Devika ask were you sleeping? Ravi says yes, terei Galiyan, Devika says you didnt get to know anything? Ravi says what? you like me? Devika says are you mad, Devika says you were sleeping under mattress, i stood on them to take gift boxes from cupboard, did you get hurt? Ravi says no you are not that heavy, Devika says i thought you must have got hurt, Ravi jokes with her and lifts her in arms, he says see your weight is not much, DEvika says i will not leave you, let us go home back, Ravi teases her, Sadqe tere plays.
Navi thinks i hate her, how dare she go near Ravi, Savitri comes to her and ask her to enjoy, Navi sees mehndi cones, she takes it and leaves from there, Navi comes in washroom, she mixes some chemical in Devika’s mehndi cone and says now Devika wont be able to apply it for much time.
Ravi comes to Devika, both share eyelock, Navi sees them and says why they are so close. DEvika says to Ravi that i will give gift to Rekha, she leaves, Ravi goes behind her.
Savitri thinks how to destroy this Mehndi, if Saket was here then he would have done something, Manju thinks that Savitri is here too, why she is staring Mehndi cones, is she trying to temper with Mehndi, she ask Savitri are you remembering your Mehndi days, Savitri says your Mehndi would have been black, Manju says some people caste evil eye thats why it must have gone black, i am very nice, you should ask Devika, i take very good care of her even with fact that she is your grand daughter, Savitri says i know you are behind her property, Manju says you were forcing her to marry Saket for money too, she leaves, Rekha comes there and sees Savitri eyeing Mehndi, she thinks if Savitri is thinking to tamper with Mehndi as she is against this marriage so must be wanting to stop this Mehndi, she comes to girl and ask which is Sakshi’s mehndi cone? girl gives to her, Rekha takes it and applies it on her hands, she smells it and says this is fine, why Pallavi was saying that Savitri was mixing something in it? Maybe she got mistaken, she puts cone back and leaves.
All are enjoying Mehndi ceremony, Ravi is watching devika singing and smiling, Navi gets angry seeing this, Manju ask Devika and Pallavi to bring Sakshi, they leave, Navi thinks that Devika did mistake by going close to Ravi, soon she will apply shagun Mehndi and she will get punished, it will tight slap on her face, i did mistake by not accepting Ravi’s proposal but my ego was big and i didnt say yes, now he spend more time with Devika so getting attracted to her, i have to spend time with him, i will attend all functions and will be with Ravi.
Devika and Pallavi comes to Sakshi, Devika says you remember you never liked to apply Mehndi and i used to tell you that one day you will have to apply it and you wont be able to run, Pallavi says she would not run as if she wanted to run then she would have by now.

Scene 2

Manju ask Savitri to sing too, Savitri question her to leave, Manju sings mehndi songs, Ravi comes there, Devika and Pallavi brings Sakshi, Manju states Sakshi is searching extremely pleasant, Rekha claims we shall commence Mehndi ceremony, very first Mehndi is going to be used on Sakshi’s arms then on Devika’s arms, Ravi glances at Devika, they talk with eyes, she factors at him inquiring what took place why will you be staring? he nods expressing almost nothing, Savitri eyes them, Rekha sees her and thinks why Savitri is observing her like that? did she blend a little something in her Mehndi? i must have checked Devika’s mehndi way too, Ravi inquire Devika to indicate her fingers, she does, Manju inquire Navi to return and implement Mehndi far too, Navi comes and sees Ravi speaking with Devika with eyes, Rekha thinks i cant consider danger of allowing for Devika to use this suspicious Mehndi.

PRECAP- Manju says to Navi that Oh God your Mehndi is burnt, she ask Devika to point out it, she says Devika’s Mehndi is okay, her arms are wanting very awesome and it looks like Mehndi colour will probably be dim, also There is certainly “R” in her mehndi, Navi Regrettably appears to be like at her burnt Mehndi crammed arms.

Written Update By Sahir


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