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Kalash 13th April 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Devika falls unconscious, Ravi asks her to wake up, Savitri says dont know my daughters get no happiness in this house, Rekha says she didnt eat anything maybe thats why she fainted. One women says she ate parsad only, make her drink salty water so she will vomit and everything will come out of her system, Ravi makes her drink salty water.
Doctor checks Devika and says it seems like she has eaten some poisonous thing, Ravi says she didnt eat anything except parsad. Manju says to Navi that it seems like we will be caught, Navi(actor is changed) that you are so weak, dont be tensed, we will not be caught, that Sakshi almost caught me earlier. Saket comes there and takes Navi aside, he says you tried to give poison to Devika? Navi says dont do overacting, she is fine now, Saket says you should be thankful that she is fine.
Doctor says these days sweets become poisonous because of heat, Sakshi says many guests brought sweets so we dont know which sweet had poison, dont worry, she has done vomiting and poison has come out her system, Doctor goes out. Saket comes behind doctor and asks if Devika is fine? doctor says she is absolutely fine, Saket thinks that Navi is so her clever, she almost killed Devika.
Its night, Devika wakes up, Ravi says you made me so tensed, Devika says i wont leave you like this, you remember we will remain together forever? Ravi says i know, he makes her eat medicine, she asks if Mata ki chowki ended? Ravi says yes, all have gone to their house, it seems like there was something in parsad, you dont worry, take rest.
Manju says to Navi that Devika got saved again, she is tension for me. Navi says dont worry, i will kill her soon, Manju says do something that will not bring our name in it, you go home now, Navi says i will stay here till Devika doesnt wake up, it will make Ravi believe that i care about Devika alot.
Devika is not sleeping, she says to Ravi that i am feeling guilty for not completing Mata ki chowki. Ravi says i will take you in lounge, you can say sorry to her. Ravi brings Devika in lounge, Devika prays to Ambe Maa and says thank you for saving my life and keep protecting my family, Ravi says keep Devika happy always Ambe Maa. Devika says biggest blessing of Ambe Maa is that she brought you in my life, they recall their love confession in jungle, their moments spent together, Devika says dont go from my life ever, Ravi says you have become my life, i should thank Ambe Maa for sending you in my life, i want you to smile always, Devika smiles, they share eyelock, music plays, Navi sees this and thinks that i made plan to separate them but they are more closer now, this Devika snatched Ravi from me and now is acting innocent, dont know why i am losing everytime to Devika, i will do something massive now, i will do something big that will be my last blow. Ravi asks Devika if she can go back to room or should he lift her? Devika says i will walk, Ravi holds her hand and starts taking her to room. Navi sees this and thinks that Ravi takes care of her so much, i want him more now, Devika faints, Navi thinks that poison is still working on Devika, Ravi is doing mistake by leaving me, this relation with Devika has to break. Ravi tries to wake up Devika, he calls family members, Ravi says to Sakshi that dont know she fainted again, Sakshi asks her to wake up, Manju thinks that poison is still working on her. Manju says she seems so ill, Navi says it feels like she is more ill than before, Ravi says nothing will happen to her, he lifts her and takes her to room.
Ravi is sitting bu bedside and looking at Devika unconscious, he recalls how he promised Devika that he will remain with her for lifetime, Ravi says please Devika open your eyes, see your Ravi, okay dont look at me but atleast listen to me, please wake up devika, you promised to live with me, you know i cant live without you, please open your eyes and see your Ravi for onetime, he kisses her hand. He finds Ambe Maa’s picture there, he takes that picture and says what kind of mother are you? you take care of your daughter like this? Devika keep praising you and see in what condition she is, she keep praising and praying to you whole day, i used to not believe in you but Devika made me believe in you, i did mistake, for first time i prayed to you, i celebrated your festival but you didnt take care of Devika, she believes that you are her mother but she gets in problem everytime and i have to save her, she fasted for you whole day and is in this condition by eating your parsad, if anything happens to Devika then you will lose biggest loyal of yours, you cant do this.
Navi says to Manju that poison has spread in Devika’s body, she is gonna die soon, i didnt believe in Mata Rani but she has done amazing thing for me, she has done my work, just start preparing to make me your daughter in law now, Manju says please stop seeing dreams, dont be so happy that you will cry later, i dont think we will be freed from her so soon, Navi says dont worry i will free you from Devika, i will throw her out of our lives like a prick, just wait and watch.
Ravi says to Devika that nothing will happen to you, i wont let anything happen to you. Devika wakes up, Ravi is happy to see her conscious, he asks are you fine? he makes her sit, he says you know i was so tensed, what happened to you? if you didnt wake up then my breaths would have gone, Devika stops him and says dont say like this, i think i fainted because of weakness, its my mistake to make you tense, i am sorry, you can punish me, Ravi says dont say like this, if you dont take care of yourself then i will scold you, Devika says i promise i will eat nicely from now on, if i sleep again, will you get tensed? Ravi says dont make fun of my emotions, he makes her lie down and sees her sleeping, he keep looking at her while she sleeps, Banjara plays.

PRECAP- Navi says to Manju that our plan will work for sure, Manju says how can i believe you till i dont listen Devika’s death news? Devika prays to Ambe Maa and says Ravi loves me so much, i fully trust him, he cant do anything that will hurt me, now i also believe that Navi and Ravi are just good friends and nothing more than that.

Written Update by Atiba

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