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Kalash 12th November 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Devika wakes up and sees ravi asleep on the floor while holding her hand. She tries to get her hand back. She says i have to get ready. Its haldi today. She tries to get her hand back. She says I thought you must be asleep and you were up. He says you were caring for my sleep. She says my chachi has taught me manners. He says that is less than what you did last night. After drinking. She says i drank? She says tell me what i did? You are lying? He says i loved it. I like that attitude of yours. It was amazing. She says tell me what i did? He says it was fantastic. I had to handle you but its my responsibility. She says i dont remember anything.

Palavi is decorating the house with flowers. Sakshi says give me work too. Rekha says no you dont have to work, you just go to your room and rest.

Manju asks navi you look tired? Didn’t you sleep. She says it was late last night. Manju says its haldi today.
Shweta says why does she come in every function. Navi says where are ravi and devika? Manju says they slept late. They are still not up. Navi says i was seeing the decorations. Manju says you have roamed around the world tell me a good dinner dish.
Monty comes in. They start the haldi.

Rekha calls Saket and says you didn’t do anything. Saket says i am coming. She says no dont come. He says i am coming with a good reason. I gave you sakshi’s papers, i am coming to take them. You hide them so i have a reason.

Manju says lets start the haldi function. She asks devika how are you? Devika says i am sorry for last night? Manju says its okay it happens. manju says bhabhi does the haldi first. Shweta says then i should do this. I am the older one. Manju says yes you can. Then devika puts haldi on his face. Navi asks ravi how are you? he says i am great. navi wonders how can i find out what happened between them.

she asks devika how are you now? I hope you are okay. Devika says what would happen to me. Navi says don’t you remember what happened last night. You were drunk. Devika says how you know what i did. Navi says you were drunk. you danced with ravi. Anyway, i hope you fell better now. Do you think i shoved you in the pool? Devika says i am sorry i drank first time i dont know what i said.
Navi asks what happened when you came to room? you were talking to ravi about something.

Monty is in his place, he states i have to Dwell a colorless life. But I’m able to’t adore sakshi and she’s going to be upset all her lifetime. Let’s say she finds that i generally loved palavi. Sakshi need to know the reality. Probably she changes the choice soon after looking at this. He writes every thing inside the letter.

Devika claims to ravi explain to me what i did past night? He states what will you are doing if i don’t inform? She states i am anxious remember to explain to. He claims dont get worried. I will show you although not effortlessly.She states i was impolite to navi as well. He states why don’t you inquire her everything. She grasps his collar. Manju is available in and claims get ready its late. She provides a present to devika and states give it to sakshi.

Navi is in car with ravi and devika. She states i came to i could spend time along with you two. Navi suggests prty was fun very last evening Except devika was drunk. why couldn’t you even digest a person consume. Ravi states how Did you know she had 1 drink? she claims we might know if it had been second likewise. Devika states make sure you driver drive quickly. Devika claims to navi you appear excellent currently. Navi claims What exactly are you striving to hide? Devika suggests there is nothing to conceal.

Precap-Ravi says to Devika if you let me put haldi on your face i will tell you what happened.Saket comes to haldi.

Written Update By Atiba


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