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Kalash 11th November 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Navi is looking for ravi. She says he wont find devika. I am sure she must be lost. It was such a good chance to get closer to Ravi. She sees ravi and devika together. Devika is close to ravi. Ravi asks how you feel when I hold your hand? she says I feel safe. you are there to save me from all the problems. You fix everything. She says I get confused sometimes. Navi is watching them. Ravi says what does your heart say? Navi comes and says ravi thank God you found Devika. Devika says who are you? is this the same black dress. You are after ravi.
I want to talk to you about something. Navi says ravi lets take her home. navi says why should we go with her? Go from here. Why are you always after him. Navi says I know she is drunk its okay. Ravi says let me talk to her. He says devika if we go home i will get you ice cream. She says okay lets go. Navi is jealous.

Saket wonders who made devika drink? Someone must have mixed in her drink.
palavi says to sakshi i am really worried for devika? Rekha says you both are back? I was worried for both of you. How was the party? Palavi says we really enjoyed. Sakshi danced a lot today. Rekha says you really enjoyed? She says yes. Rekha says did ravi and devika enjoy? palavi says yes they did and they danced as well. Rekha says let me talk to her. Sakshi says you shouldn’t disturb them this time. Talk to her tomorrow. Rekha says you are right. Ravi texts sakshi that they have found devika.

Devika comes home. Shewta says she is drunk. Navi says its no devika’s mistake. Ravi takes devika to her room. He makes her sleep. She says i dont wanna sleep. He says please sleep. She says i wanna go out. he says everyone will get worried. He says you are not well. She says i should sleep. She says you said you will bring me ice cream. He says i will bring it tomorrow.
She says your face is so funny. You are an alien. you need sun. He says there is no sun. she says you will bring me ice cream. your eyes are so small. Are you chinese? Chinese alien?

Navi suggests where did they go? Shweta says ravi took her to area. Navi says we must always go and Check out them. Ravi’s Mother claims why is she planning to his place. Shweta tells saket anything.
navi knocks in the door. DEvika suggests I’ve to talk to her. Navi wonders what they are speaking about. Manju suggests to Navi he will handle it. Navi suggests he may well need to have our support. She suggests no He’s her partner, he will deal with her. Navi says devika is so drunk. Manju states she will snooze. Navi claims in coronary heart what when they occur close. Manju suggests you need to go relaxation. They are going to be fine. Navi leaves. Manju miracles why is she so concerned.

devika states that you are so sweet. He claims you discover me sweet? She suggests no. When did i declare that? He says you claimed that. She places water on his experience. Ravi sees her with love.
Navi is driving her way home. She suggests i was so jealous to discover them toegther. And she was going to say I like you. And now These are with each other. Let’s say devika claims she loves him. I’m not even there to prevent them.
Ravi tends to make devika sit. He caresses her experience. The tune banajara plays in history. They lie down collectively. It was navi’s creativity.

Ravi suggests to devika you have been saying some thing? do you want me? She says you appear like a monkey. I have witnessed monkey. He states I am asking past time. He kisses her hand and says glimpse in my eyes, you can only come across love. and I know you’re feeling the identical. Your coronary heart and my heart says the exact same factor. You should inform me that you appreciate me. She sleeps. Ravi usually takes her to mattress. he lays her down. Devika retains his hand.

Precap-Ravi says to devika do you even know what you did last night in hangover. She says i drank?

Written Update By Atiba


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