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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 9th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Madhiam arrives down from the phase and states that he does not expect them to Enjoy honest but he came to only would like them luck because they will require it to conquer him.Nandhani shakes arms with him and as he leaves she realizes that he positioned a chewing gum on her hand and he or she tries good deal for getting it off.
Nandhani sits with Aryaman and Dhruv and suggests that Exactly what does Maddy or no matter what his name is thinks of himself. He known as them childish and what he himself did was also childish.
Druv asks who he is because he listened to lots about him then suggests that he will conquer him in guitar participating in. Aryaman details The truth that they’re going to beat him but during the elections and afterwards claims that what when they do something that he won’t engage in the elections in any way. Mukti says that he has a great deal of references and that is why he was capable to get to engage in the elections. Dhruv gets a massage and when Nandhni ask who texted him he states no-one and suggests that he has to depart. He suggests that there is no place in telling them since they have moved on. Nandhani suggests that did his sketch get turned down even this time. He states that what is the issue in telling them and he will take care of.
Naviya phone calls Nandhani and is quite fired up and asks her to would like her luck without the need of telling her the reson and immediately after she receives her demand from customers fulfilled she tells Nandhani that she goes take the interview of Shaid kappor and Aaliya Baghat. Nandhani hearing this also shouts and after that says that when will or not it’s on air and Naviya states that she’s going to tell her.
Naviya is using the interview and also requires a selfiee with them.
Nandhani is serious about the moments she used with Manik and also laughs at them even though crafting them as well as states that she wants to make it happen for Manik and only for him.
Naviya is staring at the bottle of the oil and suggests that she is going to use it to look superior because she has an job interview a week immediately after and she’ll do her most effective.
Nyonika tells everyone which the elections are about to begin and so calls Harshad to offer a point on his agenda.he will come and offers a lengthy speech in regards to the things which He’ll present and receives a bigger response from your audience.
Nandhani arrives as well as attempts to instigate the students toward him she then presents an notion which also provides her an audience.
Nyonika is going to phone Madhiam when all of a sudden he disturbs her announcement and involves the stage for making a little speech but will get taunted and leaves.

Precap: Madhiam is making a beard on Nandhani’s face and she comes and asks that does he think that he will win the elections by making faces on their posters. Madhiam challenges her that if she loses then she will walk around the academy with a beard on her face. Nandhani also says that if he loses then he will walk with cow dung on his face.

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