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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 9th November 2015 Written Update

Mukti is trying to convince Naviya as to give the people a chance that they are able to do it. And they will know if they are capable to take care of Abir. While they are talking both of the them get up they say that they will stay with them even forever to prove that they can be good parents to Abir. Mukti receives a text and says that there is some urgent thing and she has to go to Space and leaves without telling Naviya even when she is asking while the representatives are playing with Abir and Naviya ask them that it is the time to start a new relation.
Aaliya and her boss are sitting and trying to select some designs but do not get any luck. Aaliya asks him about how will they do when there is no designs and models have also been rejected. The boss says that they will do it and asks her t keep smiling by remembering his phlisophoy.
Manik is walking and after seeing Maddy calls him but Maddy doesnot listen. Manik stops him and asks him as to how he dared to sign the deal knowing that the song is of the fab5. Maddy says that he will perform on the song and no one can stop him. Manik gets angry and is about to fight with him. All of the members of fab5 are standing there and are getting angry at the attitude of Maddy. Manik and Maddy both get into a tussle and then Manik challenges him to sign the song on his own. Maddy says that they will get the free passes.
Maddy then leaves then Manik asks Dhruv to do something for him and they all go away.
Naviya is sitting with Salman and Sonam where she starts t cry on which Salman asks the reason for her cry and she says that she is way from her family and also the mother of a child on which Salman and Sonam says that she has to call her family and always keep smiling.
Nandhani is sittng on Manik’s back while he is doing pushups. Manik asks her to get off and gets angry but Nandhani smiles and says that she has to take a lot of pictures of him in the angry, happy, sad mood. Nandhani and Manik are having fun when her phone rings but Manik does not let her pick up and when she finally does it. Manik starts teasing her and does not let her talk to Aryaman. After that they agree that in their private moments they will not do anything all to which Nandhani also agrees.
Manik then asks her to promise something and after she has made it Manik asks her to dance where they both seem happy and they dance and dance.

Precap: a worker is sitting who after seeing Manik calls Maddy to tell him that his performance has been cancelled. Harshad then asks Maddy as to what will happen to him now. Manik is practicing in the jam room where Maddy also comes and they both have a face off.

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