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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 9th December 2015 Written Update

Nandhani is saying to the workers to throw away the bottles. Manik comes and says that he doesnot want this but Nandhai says that she will be the one giving orders. She hands him set of orders that he has to follow to which he says that it is not caring but torture and he will not follow them he then says that he will do only what she will do and says that he will be happy only when she is with her. Manik gets closer to Nandhani when his phone rings and he gets shocked to see the message.
Mukti and Aaliya are walking when Mukti says that Manik will be here. He comes and when Nandhani says that she is excited for music gala but Mukti stops her and says that this is not the right time. Manik says that she called because of an announcement to which Mukti says that she heard that there was an announcement and they all head on.
Manik and the rest of them enter the hall where Nandhani after seeing Aryaman laughs and they take a seat. Harshad takes the stage and says that this time Music Gala will be tough and calls on Austad Mukesh who after his speech says that all the dirt from this collage will be taken out, hearing this allot of people get angry and critize him.
Manik and the rest of them are talking when Aaliya and Mukti say that they think that they need a time out and they cannot do this with only the three of them. They both walk away. Manik’s amazed to see them leave.
Aryaman walks into Harshad’s office and holds him up and also says hat why did he invited Jd to which Harshad says that it was not in his hands and the space authorities appointed him and he accepted it without any pay.
Manik walks into the jam room and starts to throw the things away, he gets angry as to why did they leave and did they not have any faith in them and in him. Nandhani tries to stop him from taking but he pushes her away. She takes up the guitar and starts to play the same song which Manik did , she asks him that he was going to compose a song for her and then he sits and says that he is amazed of the effort that she puts to make one person smile. Manik gets up and says that he will not quit and will fight.

Precap: Manik motivates Mukti and Aaliya to again join him and they hand in. Austad Mukesh gets off the stage and it is the beginning of the qualifing round , the fab5 take their places and think as to what to sing.

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