Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 8th July 2015 Written Update, Written Episode Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 8th July, Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Written Update 8th July 2015, Written Story of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 8th July read online.

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 8th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Nandhani asks Aryaman disguised as a doctor if nearly anything is Completely wrong with Manik but he claims that practically nothing seems Improper with Manik but he is actually weak. Aryaman claims to Nandhani to choose fantastic care of Manik but Manik assures him that Nandhani will get excellent treatment of him. Aryaman then leaves and when Manik tries to use his shirt he is unable to get it done and Nandhani aids him. Manik and Nandhani then Have got a passionate scene after which Nandhani tightly hugs Manik.

Mukti and Aaliya are sitting together in Mukti’s residence.Mukti suggests that she will likely not inquire what on earth is Incorrect with Aaliya but when she has to share everything together with her she will almost always be there for her. Aaliya says that she doesnot know why she retains slipping for the incorrect guy initial Manik then Dhruv and now Aryaman. Mukti in shock asks when this did occur but Aaliya confirms her that practically nothing took place but she began to appreciate his business. Mukti asks Aaliya if she has become okay Mukti claims that Aryaman isn’t the proper guy for her.

Nandhani sees her cellphone and is also stunned to find out 4 skipped phone calls of her uncle than she says to Manik that she should go property but Manik tells that she will never come across any taxi at this hour and even if she did how will she journey by itself Manik then tells her that she can say to them that she was with MAnik as he was ill. Nandhani states that she cannot misinform her aunt. Manik asks what type of costume is she wearing and pulls her to remove two of her button but then Nandhani says to Manik that he has to unravel his problems and goes out from the area to talk to her aunt.

Dhruv unfriends Aaliya from his Fb friendlist and suggests that every little thing among them has become in excess of and that he warrants this as he was selfish and did not take care of Aaliya.

Nyonika suggests on the doctor to find the discharge papers signed and Permit her take Manik property nevertheless the health practitioner refuses. Nyonika goes into Manik’s area and asks if he is fine Which she wishes to get him household but Manik suggests that he needs some additional rest and when He’s discharged Nyonika won’t end Nandhani from observing her and she is going to occur to visit him everyday each of them are still talking then suddenly Nandhani will come and Nyonika looking at her will get indignant. Nandhani suggests that she thinks that she must go property and Nyonika also says that she should really then Manik asks Nyonika if they’ve a offer and soon after Nyonika confirms Manik Nandhani claims that Manik are not able to depart in his problem but Mnik confirms her.

Manik tells Nandhani that his motor vehicle will drop her but Nyonika states that they have ony one car right here then Manik tells her to arrange An additional car. When Nandhani is going to leave she finds a ketchup sachet and remembers that she gave it to Aryaman.

Nayiya is standing before Cabir’s aged Business and is going to go in when out of the blue Cabir comes and tells her to go away it and come home along with her at the outset she agrees but then rushes into Business office and begins to inform him that what he has done is Improper and she will convey to total on the Mumbai on their radio after which the Supervisor is compelled to give Cabir his job back again but also hires Naviya being a people singer

Precap Nandhani goes into Maniks place and prepares lots of issues for him after which wakes him up.

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