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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 7th December 2015 Written Update

Manik says that it sees that he wants to get away from everyone then Manik leaves and Nandhani follows him. Mukti takes Aaliya on her shoulder.
Manik Knocks on Dhruv’s door and then his mother comes out and says that Dhruv asked to give Mnik this envelope if he came searching for him. Mnaik reads it out and then finds a guitar playing stone. Manik , Aaliya , Mukti all are sad and think of what Dhruv was like with them and the moments spent with him.
In the morning Nandhani looks inside Manik’s room and finds him sitting with a bunch of pictures around him. Nandhan goes and Manik holds her hand and starts to show her pictures of him and Dhrv. He says that did everything together and were happy. Manik says that after the accident he never thought that Dhruv will be able to perform but he did and he was a performer.
Manik says that Dhruv was a brother that he always had and now he left them, Nandhani says that when Fab5 tortured them then he would come and protect her and Naviya. Manik says that he would never let Dhruv go away and will find him and bring him back.
Naviya comes and sits with Mukti and places a cup but Mukti lashes out and is still saying a lot about Dhruv and even says that she will drag him on her bike but Naviya goes and hugs her to which she says that she only wants Dhruv to come back and be with them.
Manik gets a phone call and he picks it up to find that it s Aryaman who says that he only wants to help Manik and says that they can trace Dhruv’s mobile and can even track it even if it is switched off. Manik agrees to it.
Harshad enters the room and finds a whole lot of mess on the floor with Aaliya sitting on the sofa and asks aliya is she is okay and says that she does not have to worry. He tries to comfort her to which she starts to cry and when he tries to get coser to her she pushes hm back saying that she doesnot need him and he walks away.
Manik is watching the photos of Dhruv when Nandhani tries to comfort hi and says that she will call Aryaman and then there is a knock on the door and she opens it to find Aryaman and he says that he tried and they found hiss phone then he takes it out from his pocket and says that it was in the dustbin outside his home. Then he leaves.
Nandhani hugs Manik when he suddenly throws away the photos and says that he would have done something if Dhruv had told him anything then he would have helped Him. Manik is about to throw it when he stops and says that they were happy and point at a picture. Manik then goes to it and says that he was there to comfort Manik every time he got angry and was the strongest among them but still he walked away then he starts to throw things away hen Nandhani says that he should not do this to himself. Manik says that Dhruv dd not think of fab 5 and himself but just left he also says that they will be incomplete without Dhruv. Manik says that after Dhruv he is alone and he os feeling bad because of a guy who was selfish and left saying that it was his fault.
Manik throws his phone and says that if he doesnot want to come back then he is also fine without him but just after saying this he starts to cry and then Nandhani hugs him tightly then he is still crying.

Precap: Manik says that he was with Cabir when the accident happened and he took Cabir to the hospital. He says as to why he cannot remember anything then he gets dizzy and collapses when Nandhani runs to him.

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