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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 5th November 2015 Written Update

Nandhani says to Manik that they will meet in the music room and goes with Maddy . Manik is amazed to see this. Nandhani is walking with Maddy and is not patient and is frequently asking him to tell her what happened. Maddy says that she said a lot about friendship and now that Manik has returned she kicked him out. Nandhani tries to explain to him but he doesnot listen and says that he wishes them luck and now this will be the same as before.
Maddy is walking and thinking what Nandhani said about when she needed him and when he was no longer needed she kicked him out then he sees people writing good things about him and feels confident.Then he calls the guy to confirm the deal.
Two models are constantly asking Aaliya questions about the dresses and so hearing to their questions she gets angry and asks them to leave. Then the owner comes and starts to give some tips to Aaliya as to how to deal with the unwanted stress and become happy. Aaliya hearing to what he has to say starts to laughs and feels that the stress and tension have been removed.
Manik is playing the guitar and is very angry about what Harshad and Maddy said to him about being replaced. He is playing when Nandhani comes and he asks her what did Maddy say and she says that nothing important. Nandhani requests Manik to complete the song that he wroe but he doesnot feel like doing so and so Nandhani picks up the guitar and starts to sing in a terrible voice. Manik taunts her after she has completed saying that does she want to sell the worst version of the song. Nandhani gets angry and then Manik gets down on his knees to cheer her up.
Mukti and Naviya are talking to a couple who wishes to adopt Abir. Naviya asks them to change the diaper of Abirbut they fail miserably and Naviya and Mukti both are not convinced to give them Abir. After seeing what they have done Mukti asks them to prove to them that they are worthy and for that they have to live with them for the next ten days and take care of abir hearing these both of them get confused.
Mddy pays a peon some amount and goes in to find the guy sitting and then he finalises the deal with him. He also receives a cheque of two lac rupees, when the guy starts to sing the song Maddy gets angry and asks him to never sing it in front of him. Dhruv listens to their conversations and takes off .
Nandhani is telling Manik as to how Rishab started to talk and they were so happy to hear his voice after a long time as they are taking Dhruv comes and says that Maddy has signed a deal on the song in which they performed for the o2. Manik is shocked and asks if he composed it or wrote its lyrics Dhruv says that he was never in anything and even rejected their request but suddenly came on the stage at the performance .Dhruv tries to call him but Manik says that from now on he will do the talking

Precap: Manik pushes Maddy and says that he will not perform on the song which the fab5 composed but Maddy says that he will perform on the same song.

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