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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 31st December 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan watch online

Mukti walks in and asks Naviya as to what the matter is ad the reason for being so sad. Naviya says that Kiran and Sahil met with the lawyer and they cannot adopt Abir. Hearing which Mukti says that why cannot happiness stick with them for a while. When they are talking Aryaman comes and says that she has to come with him and he has come to pick her up and she cannot be the reason for making Abir miss her first new year.
Nndhani is making preparations when MAnik comes back and says that they have to be together forever and while they are holding each other Mukti makes a sound from the back and they leave each other and get on with the greetings. Aryaman thinks that this is the time and goes to Manik who hugs him and says that he knows that he has done a lot of bad things with him but there should be no hard feelings which Aryaman also understands.
Aryaman calls Nandhaani and says that he wants to talk with her for two minutes and Mukti also says that they have to talk to Manik. Aryaman gets crazy and Nandhani has to calm him and when she does it Naviya comes and he starts to make excuses.
Mukti says that she has to confess and says that she was asked by some people to join their band but she has decided that she will not join. Then she asks that she wants to do this for them because it is an important thing for her. Manik and Aaliya both agree and congratulate her for this achievement. Manik says that he also has to says something and calls Nandhani after which they says that Manik has partial amnesia hearing which they all get amazed and burst on Manik and Nandhani for not telling them after which, Manik says that there is something and that there is an experimental treatment in Denmark and the doctor says that they should take it. Aryaman asks for the catch to which Nandhani says that there is none and if the treatment doesnot work then it will not harm Manik’s memory.
Manik says that they have to jam for one last time and asks Aryaman to come and sit at the drums. They start to sing the same song which they did at the O2 concert and also have a lot of fun while doing it. Manik while playing it remembers the beautiful memories that he had with the fab5. Nandhani and Naviya are standing aside and smiling on seeing them together. Manik also remembers the moments with Nandhani. They all make a beautiful tempo with the band and after that celebrate the New Year.

The End

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