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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 30th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan watch online

Nandhani is standing in front of the mike with Jd on the instruments and is not able to sing, she pause for a moment and then regains her strength and then begins. She thinks of the moments spent with Manik which give her the momentum that she required and she starts to get on with it. When she stops Aryaman starts to clap followed by everyone and Jd also seems very happy after which he request her to sit. He says that the results will be announced after some time.
Naviya and Aryaman both go to cheer Nandhani up and then all of them are standing when one after another the candidates get the message of qualification but Nandhani doesnot get her massagedd and then gets disappointed after which she goes away leaving Naviy and Aryaman depressed.
Aaliya is sad when Varhun comes and says that they should go to the movies hearing which she gets angry and says that she saw him with the other girl. Varhun tries to explain to her but she says that she doesnot want to listen and leaves.
Nandhani comes into the room where Manik is sitting and playing with a ball, she hugs him and then they start to talk and Nandhani says that she qualified for the music gala to which she is congrulated by Manik but after some time she says that Manik is tensed. Manik says that he is confused about all that is happening and is t really because of the car blast. Nandhani starts to cry and then Manik cheers her up.
Naviya is sitting with Abir when Kiran and Sahil come and they seem sad and upon being asked by Naviya say that the lawyer said that Gay couples cannot adopt a child and so even if they want they cannot do it.
All of them get a text saying that there is a party at Manik’s place. Nandhani is handing out clothes to Manik for some options that he can wear at the party. Manik stops her and asks the reason for doing all this to which she says that he is the most important thing in her life and if he forgot her after he came back then what she will do at fist Mani says that she will remain back but Nandhani is adamant to go with him to which he finally agrees. He further says that love above all and that they will fight together till the end.

Precap: All of them are at Manik’s place and he welcomes them and when Aryaman comes Manik hugs him.

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