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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 2nd November 2015 Written Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan watch online

Nandhani goes near Aryaman to pick the vegetable, Manik gets angry and seeing this Nandhani gets uncomfortable and so Aryaman voluntarily drops it making the girls winner. Manik says that they have to play again but Mukt says that theyhave to first get drunk and they all agree so they move to the bar.
Nandhani is talking on the phone to her aunt and giving instructions. Someone sneeks on her and after placing his hand on her face drags her and when after realizing she turns to find Manik who brought her. Manik says that whenever he got up in the hospital he would remember her and write a song he also says that it is incomplete. When he performs it Nandhani says that she loves it and he must finish it for her and to this he also agrees. They both kiss eachother on the cheeks.
All of them are playing a game in which they have to throw a ball and if it goes in a glass then the person has to drink it. The all are having a lot of fun but Mukti says that they should call them Dhruv however says that they should let them be and they will come back when they both will feel like it. They all after a while say that they will go to look for them.
Nandhani and Manik are with each other and Manik says that he saw her blog and the bucket list she had of all those things and he will fulfill each one of them. Nandhani says that she wants to do all the stupid things with him and today they will steal from the police. Manik at first disagrees but eventually give in and they search for the police after they have finally found them Manik go to steal some wine. He at first goes alone but after he is unsuccessful they both go together and Nandhani distracts the police but they still are able to guess what they are up to and catch them.

Precap: Nandhani shows Manik the Manan band and she gives it him. Manik is amazed to see it at first and so Nandhani places it on his hand.

Written Update By Sona


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