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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 2nd July 2015 Written Episode Update

Nandhani can be sitting down within the hall approach contemplating just what Aryaman stated that she is going to take vengeance regarding the sis from Manik subsequently instantly Mukti occurs along with snatches your ex portable from Nandhani’s hands along with stated the reason will not be the lady having your ex calls subsequently Nandhani states that remorseful for you to your ex seeing that the lady wouldn’t learn seeing that the lady is at a healthcare facility. Your lover questioned just what occured along with after a while stated of which Nandhani can be anxious as a consequence of Manik subsequently the lady states that of which absolutely nothing can happen along with anything is going to be alright subsequently the lady states that the reason Nandhani just isn’t saying anything at all and is also the talking it isn’t just for my child the lady furthermore states that for you to Nandhani for you to easily have your ex while they have got many things to perform prior to a rehearsal. Then Nandhani states that of which how do the lady speak whenever Mukti just isn’t permitting your ex subsequently Mukti tell Nandhani into the future together with your ex. Then the lady recognizes another person along with informs Nandhani to await along with moves right after your ex along with requires your ex the reason this individual terminated the worker devoid of saying anything at all then he throughout dilemma requires exactly who along with Mukti states that of which Cabir then he states that that she doesn’t want to talk about that and when Mukti pressurizes your ex this individual states that of which they don’t seek the services of Gays seeing that the stereo stop can be a individual location. Then Nandhani can be beyond your new music area along with recognizes Aryaman preparing regarding as to the best way to acquire vengeance from Manik subsequently Nandhani options along with tends to make a bogus call for you to Manik for you to tip Aryaman. subsequently Dhruv was in the selection along with this individual sites a guide about the corner along with the ebooks accidently drop Aaliya along with this individual states that remorseful subsequently instantly Harshad occurs along with angrily requires Dhruv the concepts occurring along with this individual absolutely nothing after which walks out subsequently Harshad requires just what the lady was carrying out along with the lady states that just what then he states that that she just isn’t a child subsequently Aaliya sasy the reason this individual feels she is not good for anyone then he states that she is up to scratch for anyone. Aryaman was in the new music area although seeking Manik assumes the creating area and since this individual assumes everyone in the room Nandhani sales techniques the threshold along with begins asking yourself along with states that of which the lady knows that she can be Sohas close friend along with she’s going to carry out anything at all to keep your ex from Manik subsequently the lady leaves. Harshad options to generate fun regarding Naviya nevertheless the lady doesn’t belong to the trap along with back away from to bring your ex portable at the same time Nyonika is catagorized away from along with Harshad attracts your ex and when the lady bursts upon your ex then he states that who’s was a car accident. Then Naviya will get a call in the medical center along with leaves instantly Naviya occurs along with queries Harshad exactly who leaves. Nyonika can be experiencing mass media along with refuses to remedy just what occured for you to Manik nevertheless the lady states that these phones ask Dhruv subsequently the lady states that for you to Dhruv who’s was as a consequence of them nevertheless Dhruv declare them to wouldn’t enlighten anyone along with moves on the inside.
Dhruv can be sitting down together with Manik revealing to your ex by what occured within the medical center whenever another person states that for you to Dhruv that she can be back this individual turns back which is Nandhani nevertheless this individual doesn’t understand your ex till the lady will be taking off your ex undercover dress. Then the lady states that of which just what the friends ohydrates creating your ex carry out after which Dhruv states that them to have to used period in concert along with leaves plus they are talking whenever Nyonika occurs along with informs your ex of which the lady are capable of doing anything at all and when protections usually are acquiring Manik out subsequently Manik opens the eye along with calls solely Nandhani Nandhani.

Written Update By Sahir

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