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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 2nd December 2015 Written Update

Manik asks Dhruv as to what the matter is,to which Dhruv says that everything is alright but Manik says that he doesnot believe him and again asks as to what is wrong. He sits down and knows that Dhruv doesnot like Varhun but he has to trust Aaliya, Dhruv says that he wants to see Aaliya happy either with him or another guy and even doesnot listen to Manik. He says that he is not able to do anything he is not doing anything and now he even cannot sing. Manik gets up and says that they all face challenges in life and they will do everything right, Manik says that he has to concentrate only on Music gala and now has to relax. He says that Dhruv has to take Aaliya out then Dhruv gets up and hugs Manik tightly. Dhruv is then walking and urns back to thank Manik which also makes Manik feel happy. When he leaves Manik gets a call from Nandhani.
Manik and Nandhani are walking when Nandhani says that Dhruv was looking stressed for many days now and something was worrying him, Manik says that he knows him and now everything will be okay, Nandhani is looking stressed when Manik asks her as to what the matter is when Nandhani says that they did wrong to Kiran and Sahil because they where Harsh but Manik says that they did everything right because Kiran and Sahil broke their trust and Cabr will never do anything like this and then they walk away.
Varhun is sitting tensed when Aaliya walks in and asks him as to what the matter is but he says that he won but he still tensed and when Aaliya asks him he says that he was just playing a prank and then they both hug eachother when she sees Dhruv standing and feels that she did something wrong.
Nandhani is walking when she sees Aryaman signing the form of the music Gala and takes him away. She starts to say to him that he did something’s wrong which affected her but he says that they were a band but this time she signed solo without even asking him or telling him so this is why he signed solo. He also says that Naviya keeps on texting him but Nandhani did not even text hi even for once.
Aalia and Dhruv are standing when Aaliya asks Dhruv as to why he is behaving like this to which Dhruv says that he feels that she is happier with Varhun and they are not meant to be together and he wants her to keep smiling which she can only get with Varhun. Aaliya starts to cry but Dhruv hugs her and leaves. Aaliya hearing this starts to cry.

Precap: Manik and everyone else are with Aaliya when Manik says that he talked to Dhruv and felt that things are going to be good between them. He receives a text from Dhruv which says that he is going away and believes that he is not himself anymore.

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