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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 29th October 2015 Written Update

Maddy is waiting when Aryaman passes and after seeing him he stops and starts to taunt him but Maddy gets angry and says that he does not understand what Aryaman is saying then Aryaman explains that it seems that Maddy is homeless now and so he is offering him a place to stay. Maddy says that he does not have money now but as soon as he will get it he is going to pay Aryaman so it is going to be on rent basis. Maddy after seeing the Tabbla and Drums asks Aryman if he like both on this Aryaman says that he tried to master the drums but was unable to but he did however master the Tabbla, Maddy sasy that he was never into classical Music it is just in his blood but rock music is in his hearts.
Nandhani is calling Aryaman but he doesnot pick up and while Maddy tells him to pick up he puts it in his pocket. Manik passes and when he sees Nandhani he asks her to come but she doesnot and then he goes to her and asks what happened but she does not tell him. Then Manik tries to kiss her suddenly the rest of them come and call both of them hearin their call Manik asks if they could not wait five more minutes on this Mukti asks what he was doing and he says that he was going to kiss Nandhani and can they give him some time but she says that they are here to party and so he is going to drop his Love act for a day. Then they drag both of them away.
As they are walking Manik suddenly sees Naviya and goes to meet her he when goes near her he talks to her about the crash site and says that he knows she misses Cabir as they are talking the peon brings her luggage and son. Manik is amazed to see the boy and asks who’s son it is then everyone laughs it is only then he comes to know that he is her son. Naviya places Abir in Manik’s hands even after he rejects saying that he cannot handle it. They all have fun and then he gives him back to her. Then they all play a game which is devised by Nandhani with a twist in which they have to act with a twist in which they cannot say the clue words and have only one minute.
They begin it and then Naviya comes first and is able to perform very well and after her Dhruv comes and on his turn they all get what it is and so on until Aryaman comes and they Nandhani hugs him seeing this Manik gets angry then he devises a game in which they have to pass a Vegetable to the other then they start with Aaliya and Dhruv and when it reaches to Nandhani and Aryaman Manik gets angry and seeing him Nandhani gets afraid.

Precap: Nandhani and Manik both device a plan to fool the police and steal the police. Nandhani is able to distract them but the police man is not fooled and they get caught.

Written Update By Sona


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