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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 29th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Nandhani is during the area with Vishal pondering why Ammes ser she was indignant topped Manik and what is going to she say to him and weather she was angery or not.Then she asks Vishal to provide her her fabric whish she still left in another area but Vishal is aware her too much and delivers her fabric with the drawer and when Nandhani asks where by he discovered it he informed her and questioned just what the make any difference is then Nandhani tells him that Ammes and Manik are talking and she planned to determine what were they talking about .Nandhani tells Vishal that she is anxious that Ammes is offended with Manik and he is aware how she reacts when she gets angry. Then Vishal tells Nandhani that Manik is really a rockstar after whish she tells him to save lots of the rockstar and Nandhani also hugs him tightly .Cabir and Aryaman are speaking during the space and Aryaman claims that he stopped Harshad from sneaking out and asks Cabir that if it was amazing plenty of at which Cabir tells him that he did it to impress them and Aryman suggests that he considered that they could express that and so he requested himself to start with just after whish Cabir claims to Aryaman to come to The purpose .Cabir express that he does not feel that They are going to be chatting as Aryman would not chat without a motive he wishes then Aryaman thinks and says that entering into fab 5 could possibly consider time at whish Cabir says why will it choose time then Aryman states that it’s difficult to obtain in The great appears to be like of fab five because he was with the incorrect individual at the wrong time and place and that Fab five possess the tendency to over think about the relation and states that he doesn’t wish to be a randon Buddy and then Cabir suggests that does he listen to himself when he suggests this but Aryaman states that he means it then Cabir asks why he wishes to get closer to fab five at which Aryaman claims very little then Cabir stands and asks Aryaman regarding what is the explanation powering seeking to be part of fab five then Cabir pulls his bag and an image falls and Aryaman quickly pulls it after which you can Cabir says that he are not able to wait around to get good friends and know everythin g great or suspicious about Aryaman and suggests that it why the fab five bond is so potent given that they abide by their instinct and gut then Aryaman suggests that Cabir is declaring that he will not stand a chance the Cabir suggests that he didn’t say everything but Aryaman himself said it and walks out. Meanwhile Nandhani is awaiting Vishal to come back and drops a guide and finds a recreation which she played and hugs it within the memory of Manik and remembers the moments shell out with Manik and smiles then hugs a pillow and vishal will come back not sure what to tell to Nandhani hen the worker will come and tells Nandhani that Ammes is looking her but initially to connect with an ambulance then when Nandhani asks what took place he states that Manik fainted and Cabir and Nandhani together with the stretcher are jogging within the healthcare facility hallway. Then Maniks mother stops Nandhani but she isn’t going to hear her and claims that Manik told her that whatsoever transpires she isn’t going to care as well as physician is asking what did he try to eat in the morning but Cabir claims that he would not know along with the guards will not let her to enter and the medical doctor tel her to serene then he allows the mother of MAnik to go in and she or he gets a simply call from a reporter and phone calls HArshad to come to town medical center the Cabir and Nandhani get in touch with Nviya to deliver a disguise and HArshad states some dialogues that Maniks mother will say and sets of Meanwhile Nandhani dressed for a nurse soon after some issues manages to go in and looking at Manik unconscious gets fearful

Precap Nandhani says to manik that absolutely nothing will materialize and she or he is with him usually

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