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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 26th October 2015 Written Update

Manik gets up and is really angry. He slams the things away and leaves. Meanwhile Nandhani is thinking of what she saw at the performance and what Aryaman said to her about Manik surviving.
Manik brings back his guitar and says that he will not see anyone become part of the fab5 and is about to break the guitar. He stops and starts to think about the moments spent with Nandhani and also plays some music. He destroys the phone.
Aryaman and Mukti both constantly stare at each other. They both take up a drink and then Mukti and him have fun but when Aryaman decides to call Nandhani Mukti stops him saying that they should let her have some space after espically what happened today at the performance.
Nandhani thinks that everyone will be enjoying at the party, Nandhani calls Manik’s number but it goes to the call center. She says that some magic will happen and he will return.
She goes to space and everyone that she passes is hearing to their performance. She feels real proud and then when she moves a little further she hears a group screaming Fab5 Fab5 and Muukti,Dhruv, and Aryaman are leading them. They come too her and everyone greets them and congrulates them when they al leave Nandhani thanks them but Dhruv says that it was because of her that they came together and did the performance so the credit also goes to her. Dhruv further says that they have to plan ahead because Maddy came only for one performance and now they have to move on suddenly Madhiam comes and asks if someone said his name. Nandhani says that e should think about friendship and the collaboration with the fab5 but he rejects it. They hear someone playing music and Nandhani asks Maddy if it is his trick but he refuses to accept any claim on this Nandhani hearing Maddy’s answer rushes to the sound of the music and enters to find Manik. Everyone is also following her.
Nandhani calls Manik who stops the music but does not lift his face and stands. Nadhani seeing that he is for real goes and hugs him. Mukti and everyone else are also shocked to see him and they all meet him in turns. He also asks them if they are alright and happy to see him and after hearing their reply he says that if they are happy to see him then why did they not do anything and not understand that and not one of them tried to find them and they did not thought that if one of them survived. He says that if they will not ask him then he will tell them that he was in a hospital and as soon as he got discharged he thought of meeting them and was worried of how they will be without him .
Manik does not let them explain but shouts at them and lashes at them with anger. He says that they have moved on in just four months and forgot him and Cabir. Manik says that he tried all that he could to save Cabir but the fire destroyed him. He says that he is happy for them and leaves ignoring the calls of everyone else. When he reaches the door he gives Aryaman a wicked Glance and leaves.

Precap: Nandhani goes to Manik and pleads to him to listen but when he turns and sees Aryaman he asks if she has also moved on and gets angry.

Written Update By Sona


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