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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 26th November 2015 Written Update

Manik is listening to the music while Nandhani is making something. Manik tries to look at it but she hides it, she is trying to put the cup on the table but is not looking at it then Manik helps her and asks as to what the matter is but she denies .He forces her and she finally says that she is thinking about Sihal and the music gala but now that he is here there is nothing to worry about. Manik gets closer to her and then they start to have fun.
Aaliya is on the phone and is yelling at the delivery guy suddenly the Vihan comes at the back of her. She starts to ask a lot of questions from him but he asks her to calm down and says that he is going to get a coffee for her. Aaliya takes the laptop and opens a video in which she finds the video of Kiran.
Manik and Nandhani prepare Parymids made of paper and see eachother through them. They start to make a whole lot of things which are from Nandhani’s bucket and also have a lot of fun. Then they also paint a wall ad make it beautiful and when Manik closes the lights they see the pattern of Manan.
Aryaman is playing the drums and is thinking about what Nandhani said to him regarding Manik. He is so lost in them that he does not realize that his phone is ringing and when he finally sees it he ignores the call and starts playing the drums. Nandhani is with Manik and is saying that Aryaman is not picking up her call then Manik makes her realize that they have more important to look after and they both take off.
Mukti is asking Naviya to come and make Abir stop crying then Naviya hurriedly comes and starts to feed him seeing this Mukti starts to relax.
There is a bell on the door and Naviya asks Mukti to go and open it and when she opens it and finds Manik and Nandhani she hugs them both and makes them come in. Manik and Nandhani asks them to come as they have an important thing to talk to them and then Manik asks them if they think that the couple is good and when he hears the answer he gives Naviya a heads up and says that she needs to be careful because it is Abir’s life and that she should be conscious. Naviya agrees and they go in.
Aryaman opens a bottle when Harshad comes and starts to talk to him Aryaman constantly asks him to leave but he doesnot and keeps making Aryaman feel anger towards the fab5 and Manik epically.
All of them return and find Sahil giving a bracelet to Kiran seeing this they all head on to the room where Manik turns and is not sure as to what the matter is between the two of them.

Precap: Manik and Nadhani are together where Manik is playing Nandhani a song which she also sings with him.

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