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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 25th November 2015 Written Update

Manik calls Nandhani and asks if she is forgetting something after thinking Nandhani asks him to close his eyes and then she kisses him. Manik is amazed and happy and says that it was a surprise but says that he was not talking about it but her bucket list and the things that they have to do. Nandhani says that he said that he will talk to his family doctor Manik starts to make excuses but Nandhani blackmails him and he eventually agrees. Nandhani sys that they will fulfill this wish then they will go to the doctor and so they both setoff.
Aaliya is sitting and making her designs but is not getting it and she throws on after the other. She relaxes and says that she can do this but when she is about to throw it Varhun takes it and asks if she is out of her mind and says that theses designs are good, Aaliya says that he is only doing it to make her happy but he says that he doesnot do this in his work. He encourages Aaliya to finish her work.
Nandhani disguises herself as a man and herself and Manik go to watch the movie. They at first feel disturbed but then Manik sits quietly but Nandhani feels uncomfortable and starts to hold Manik’s hand but he pushes it off and asks her to be quiet because if they that a girl is sitting amongst them then things will get bad. Nandhani then feels gross and talks to which they are recognized aand the men began to search for the girl where Manik takes her out and they both run. They stop and then Manik asks if her wish is completed to which Nandhani says that she fulfilled it with him and they both hug each other. Manik says that he felt that everything had gone wrong when his heart stopped then he holds the hand of Nandhani and they both are about to set off. They both see Sihal and another guy in the front of the car and they are hugging to which Nandhani says that it seems as if he is gay. Sihal and the other notice that they are staring and then Sihal says that he will take care of it and goes to Nandhani and Manik and starts explaining about what happened. Nandhani and Manik take their leave and on the way Nandhani says that something is not right with Sihal.
Naviya has Abir in her hands and is trying to calm him. She is wondering if Sihal is the right guy for her so Abir suddenly he starts to cry and she places him on the bed nd then she takes out the toy that Cabir gave to her and seeing it Abir also calms down. Then she starts to remember those moments with cabir and how he helped and supported her. Abir again starts to cry but she doesnot notice it and then Mukti comes and takes Abit and also asks her what the matter is at first she refuses but then says that she misses Cabir. Mukti confirms her and says that all of them are wither and she doesnot have to worry for anything.

Precap: Nandhani and Manik come and say that they have to talk to both Naviya and Mukti. They take them away and then Manik tells them that they know why the couple is behaving like this and he says that they think that Sihal is having an Affair with another guy.

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