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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 25th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Manik and Nandhani are hugging each other closely. Then MAnk pushes NAndhani away and tells her that they must tell All people the truth but Nandhani fells fearful regarding how she or they would notify Anyone and especially how she would inform Ammes that she loves a boy but Manik tells her Let’s say a person saw them like that. NAndani tells Manik that he would not comprehend and starts off shouting and with no realizing mentions Maniks mom at which There exists finish silence while in the space and then NAndhani tells that they ought to Ammes but Manik refuses and tells that Nandhanis relatives is not like his household who donot care what s happening in his lifestyle Which her ammes cares alot then Nandhani many thanks Manik for caring for Ammes and Nandhani says that they must notify Ammes todayas she wuld at some point learn about them after which Manik gets concept and Nandhani panics and afterwards Manik tells her to head to Ammes and discuss with her but not tell her about them until she asks after which you can NAndhani s about to depart and manic offers her a thing inside a bowl of clay and afterwards NAndhani kisses hm and leaves meanwhile Harshad gave the mlkman revenue and manufactured him do the punishment perform which guru maa gave to Harshad then Aaliya will come and scolds Harshad who asks the mikman to give them some Room then Aaliya tells which has he ever cared for her like she cared for him after which you can she leaves crying and meanwhile navya tells mukti to relaxed and down then Nandhani arrives and tells Expert maa to quiet down the Expert maa ass where by aaliya is and they inform her that she has arranged a perfor ance t thank her then Ammes asks Nandhani to come back for Puja then Manik and Mukti are conversing with eachother about the place Aaliya is and then she runs away and when they continued the puja and Harshads Close friend stops Aaliya after which Navya will come and tells aaliya to cme along with her and after that Aramun stops them and attempts to make navya recognize that he has completed a little something fantastic for them then thay all start out singing and they sing and sing and Ammes and Aramun are there Hearing the songs and cabir is waiting around desperately by the drums to Engage in his element while in the performance and they are all acquiring a great deal of enjoyable . then Ammes gets up and Nandhani will come and asks how she performed and she or he scolds her and her close friends but then she suggests that she is incredibly amazed and which they all performed and that there is a shock and if they request the shock she suggests that if she instructed them then it will not be a shock and she or he told them to pack and afterwards Manik stops ammes and calls Nandhani to them and then wishes Nandhania happy birthday after which you can all of them consume the birthday cake and Cabir will make a joke after which ammes and then navya hugs Ammes and he or she tells that there is no issue after which you can Cabir says sorry tto ammes and goes and when Manik is about to go away then Ammes asks Manik to go away but he tries to generate a excuse but Ammes declines and tells Nandhani to take rama and pack maniks things then Maniks is fearful.

Recap cabir is speaking to aramun regarding why he wishes to will come near to them

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 25th June 2015 Written Update, Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 25th June 2015 Written Episode, Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Written Update of 25th June 2015 Read Story Online.


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