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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 24th November 2015 Written Update

Manik lashes out at Nandhani and says that everyone meet her on the way and requests her that she should have at least picked up his phone. Nandhani after hearing this checks her phone and apologizes to him and he also forgives her. Manik says that he wants her to be here because of the song that he is playing. Manik then sits on the drums and asks Dhruv to cover the guitar seeing this Aryaman greets the band members and leaves. Manik sees the drums and remembers the moments spent with Cabir and starts crying.
The husband is talking on the phone with Kiran when Naviya enters and then suddenly he ends the call and says that he will bring water for Naviya. They sit down and start talking at which Naviya asks him as to what happened then when he is about to answer Kiran walks from the washroom and seeing this Naviya asks him what the matter is and they both make excuses.
Manik is sitting at Cabir’s drums and trying to play them but he cannot and starts to cry. Nandhani dhrv and Aaliya all try to comfort him by saying that everything will be alright but he says that he could have saved him but Cabir dies because of him. Then he suddenly says that he will do the drums because of Cabir and will do it. They start to play and then Manik asks Dhruv to correct the beats when Nandhani says that they should bring someone else at which Aaliya that Aryaman will not come back because it was for one time basis then Manik says that they should wait and will come back tomorrow.
Mukti walks in and sees the new couple sitting then she greets them and walks towards the room. Naviya is drying her hair when Mukti walks in and then Naviya seeing her asks them what the matter. Mukti says that she is afraid and confused as to what she will do if fab5 breaks away. Then Naviya says that she will figure something out because she herself came to sing but could not Mukti hearing this gets happy. Mukti asks Naviya as to why the couple is acting strange then Naiya says that she also felt strange when she came home from her job the husband was talking to her wife then suddenly she comes from the washroom and they says that it is their secret but the wife is amazed and seemed as if she heard it for the first time.
Nandhani and Manik are walking when he says that Dhruv and himself should practice alone for some time so that they could get grip on both of the new things but when he sees Nandhani he asks her as to what the matter is and she says that when Manik was gone Aryaman became a good friend and helped in bringing the fab5 together, Manik is hearing patiently. Manik says that he is happy that she opened up but it is not easy and no one can take the place of Cabir. Manik says that he knows that she does not want him to be pressurized but he cannot help it and is happy that she cares. Manik asks her to wait and everything will change then he asks her to open every time she wants to and everything will remain good to which Nandhani also agrees

Precap: Nandhani and Manik are making Origami’s and having a lot of fun. They also paint the walls. Manik and Nandhani tell Mukti and Naviya that they know the reason behind the couple acting strangely. They tell them the husband is having an affair with a guy.

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