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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 24th December 2015 Written Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan watch online

Manik asks Nandhani if she wants to tell him nothing but she says that she doesnot and it was Aryaman who said that there is the next class of Austad Mukes. Manik says that she should think of the positives and all those that love her. Nandhani says that the yoga might be helping him hearing which Manik gets annoyed and leaves.
Naviya says to Aryaman that Nandani is even late today and she should have come early to the classs just then she walks in and Naviya asks her to leave the romance and anik aside and focus on the music Gala.
Austad Mukesh comes and says that they have seen music in a lot of different ways and frequencies. He then says that they have to make a music instrument in the class to play wth in the next thirty minutes hearing which everyone gets shocked and after he leaves Harshad says that he has completely lost it.
Manik is in his room playing the guitar and trying to think of his past but he not getting anywhere. He gets frustrated and calls the doctor and asks him about his condition but the doctor also asks him to calm down and soon he is going to start the treatment and then Manik will be fine.
Naviya and Aryaman are sitting when Nandhani gets a call for Manik seeing this Naviya takes her phone and texts Manik that Jd is in the class to which Nandhani gets angry but Naviya is not to be moved and gets shocked. Manik seeing the text is amazed.
Mukti is going to her bike when she sees a ex then suddenly a biker comes and tries to hurt her but she gets angry and they both go for a head to head race and after some time Mukti get misbalanced and stops.
Nandhani is playing drums on the table and then she realizes and after this she calls everyone to her table and they ll make a plan. Jd comes and is shocked to see them unprepared but then they all make him see what they have planned and after hearing them he is happy. Jd asks for the benefactor but after they tell him about Nandhani he is not as happy and he says that she has got half marks besides everyone who have got full marks. Nandhani angrily is walking towards Manik’s room but when she goes in the place is trashed and Manik is not there.
The doctor is sitting when Manik suddenly comes and starts to ask him about his condition but the doctor asks him to calm down and says that he might be having Amenisa but Manik says that he is not losing his memory but he is forgetting Nandhani from his memories.

Precap: Manik is reading his diary when the peon comes and says that Nandhani sent this for him but he says that he does not want it. Then Nandhani comes and Manik hides the diary but Nandhani sees it and plans to read it then after she reads it she asks Manik as to why is her name not complete on every page and is not letting Manik explain. 

Written Update By Sona


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