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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 23rd November 2015 Written Update

Nandhani and Manik are sitting where Manik says that while seeing the shooting star he thought of something. If that would not have happened then they would never have come to Mumbai and they would not have even met. He says that she should think about it when Nandhani says that if they would not have met then she would have got married because of Ammes. Manik says that he would have performed at concerts with his friends and would still be the monster Manik. Nandhani says that if they would not have met then destiny would join them together. Manik stops her and points at a shooting star saying that if what she said would become true but Nandhani is not mad.
The adoption couple is sleeping when Abir starts crying and he gets up trying to make him stop crying seeing this Naviya gets happy and instructs him the ways to handle a baby but after seeing Krishna she takes Abir from him and goes away.
Nandhani is seeing the gifts when Manik calls and says that he knows she is not sleeping and she should go but she says that she will in a while then Manik starts to play a guitar and after that she goes to sleep.
Aryaman is sitting thinking about Nandhani and how much he loves her but then he stops and thinks that what he is doing is wrong and goes to sleep.
Manik is walking when he meets Harshad and they both start to have a heated argument at the music Gala and the rules of the academy but Manik is not touched and says that if Harshd the will then try to stop Manik. Harshad says that he has the authority and will do it and he puts Cabir in his talks to which Manik gets angry and asks him to not put Cabir to which Harshad agrees.
Nandhani is walking when she hears a group of students talking and goes to them asking as to what the matter is and they say that they were talking about maddy. She takes the newspaper and when she is studying she sees Aryaman coming. He calls her and they both start to talk.
Manik and the rest of them rest of them are in the jam room when Manik calls them and asks them about the whereabouts of Mukti to which Dhruv says that she said that she will be here by ten. Manik asks Aaliya to call her and he himself tries to call Nandhan but her number doesnot dial. He finally decides to go after her but then sees her coming with Aryaman and she also seems quite happy.

Precap: Manik sits on the drums when Nandhani asks him that he should give Aryaman a chance but Aaliya says that it was for only one time and will not happen again.

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