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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 23rd December 2015 Written Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan watch online

Nandhani asks Jd for his forgiveness but he says that she should concentrate on the class. He says that they should get ready for the next class epically those who have got zero or less marks. He further says that some people may lose their dream of getting into the music gala.
Naviya says that Austad Mukesh takes away their wish for eating lunch; they sit down and see that Nandhani is hiding something and even try to ask her but she leaves. Aryaman and Naviya say that she is hiding something and they both agree and start talking to eachother.
Aaliya is seeing some pictures when Mukti walks in and asks her as to what is she doing then she says that has Manik called and Aaliya says that he has not. Mukti gets amazed and says that they hae broken the band to preserve the legacy but not the friendship and why has he not called or contacted but Aalya says that they should give him time as he might still be angry with them.
Naviya is trying to calm Abir but he is still crying and then she gets text messages and when she looks it is the pics of Abir from Kiran and Sihal who says that they miss Abir.
Manik and Nandhani go to the Yoga instructor and start to have fun seeing this instructor gets angry and say that if they are interested then he will come tomorrow and then they will do the yoga. After e leaves Nandhani says that Manik should do pushups and he starts and after he goes to ten Nanndhani goes and sits on hi and he gives up only after doing three and then they have a little romance.
Mukti nd Aalya are walking in the hall way and talking about some important thing that Naviyaa wanted to talk about where suddenly Manik and Nandhani come. Aaliy and Mukti are happy to see Manik and gret him but he is not as interested to talk to them then they all head inside the house. Mukti calls on Naviya to come when she asks them to wait for a minute meanwhile Mukti and aaliya asks Manik about his health where he says that Nandhani will kill him by making him do fitness work out. They all have fun when Naviya comes and says that she has taken the decision regarding Airs future at first they donot understand as to what she is saying then there is someone at thedoor and Naviya goes to open it but all of them are amazed to see Sihal and Kiran standing there. Manik gets u and is about to beat them when Naviya stops him and says that she has decided to give them a chance, at first the rest of them do not agree and Naviya has to work a lot to convince them that will take care of Abir but then they says that if she is willing then they are also with her. Seeing this kiran hugs Manik so tightly that he is not able to breath and has to be removed by Sihal. Then he says that he was overexcited and says that it is a time for celebration and goes out to bring foods for them and them all blow balloons and have fun with each other that brings a smile on everyone’s face where Manik goes and hugs both Mukti and Aaliya. They all sit down when Kiran asks as to how did they get so tired so early when Manik asks how are they so different when they first met them they were serious but now they are s funny to which they say that it was because of a situation but Abir will never get sad again.
Nandhani gets a call and she leaves to go to the other room. She asks the doctor that does he know if Manik has amnesia or any other disease to which the doctor says that he has uploaded Manik condition in the international doctor society but Nandhani has to do what she was told . Nandhani turns to find Manik standing there all serious.

Precap: Manik takes out a book and writes down something but calls Nandhani when he doesnot remember it where Naviya takes the phone from her and texts him back that she is in Jd’s class. Nandhani goes to the house and finds that everything is trashed and Manik is not there.

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