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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 22nd December 2015 Written Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan watch online

Nandhani says to Manik that it is PDST. Manik gets amazed and says that in this disease people generally get mad but he is losing his memory and so this cannot be it. Manik says that this cannot be t and so Nandhani makes an excuse and says that his brain will make a defense mechanism but he has to be calm. Manik gets angry and sits down so Nandhanai goes to him and says that he will be happy and be calm and not to get angry and also do Yoga.
Nandhani gets up and he also stands and says that he will do Yoga only when she will be with him. Nandhani says that she will always be there and hugs him and while crying says that she will be there for him no matter how busy she is.
Mukti says that does Naviya really think that she will leave fab5 because of a random band. She has only placed them asdonot attend because she doesnot want to. Naviya says that she trusts her that she knows what she wants and then goes to change.
Manik is sleeping when Nandhani comes and tries to wake him up but he doesnot when she plays a song but Manik doesnot get up after which Nandhani plays a trick hearing which Manik gets up.
The yoga instructor asks for the permission to come in and says that they will start the lesson in five minutes. After he leaves Mank taunts Nandhani who says that Manik tops he lit of hot guys.
The instructor tells both of them to perform different tasks but Manik is finding it very hard to do it and he even locks his hands and after they are open Manik says that he will not do it anymore but is forced to and when he falls the instructor says that they will meet again tomorrow morning at five.
Manik says to Nandhani that he will not do this anymore hearing this Nandhan places the stick on his neck and so Manik is forced to accept the decision.
Aaliya is sitting in her office when a peon comes and delivers the parcel. Hearing this Aaliya calls Varun without realizing that it will be night in Paris and he also taunts her after which she remember what Dhruv said to her about feelings for her boss.
Nandhani walks in the room when two students say that she is in trouble because she left the class in the middle. Jd walks in the room and starts to judge the students one by one. When it’s Nandhani’s turn he calls her in the front and says that he doesnot want such an uninterested girl and unfocused girl in his class and she may leave the collage if she has other priorities

Precap: Nandhani is talking on the phone with the doctor who says that he is trying hard to find what the problem with Manik is then Nandhnai asks him as to how long it will take to conform if Manik has Amenesia. Nanhdnai turns to find Manik sanding there looking at her with and angry face.

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