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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 21st July 2015 Written Episode Update

Nandhani is hugging and immediately after some time he asks what the problem is and why is she hugging him then Nandhani suggests that she is fatigued and will continue to be similar to this. Manik pulls her nearer and she asks if Nyonika is house and what’s she sees them with each other such as this so Manik tells her not to be afraid of Nyonika as she is not in the home and then Manik allows her upstairs.
Harshad texts Mukti and right after examining the textual content she claims that it’s not possible that he would steer clear of her and he guaranteed is nearly anything.
Aryaman concerns harshad and Harshad asks him what perform came and it has to be important due to the fact he had to terminate his complications and when Aryaman asks what sort of plans are these he suggests that he has to break the fab five then Aryaman says that he only really wants to crack the connection between Nandhani and Manik and what sort of enjoy Tale have they got. Harshad then suggests that Nandhani is Manik’s 3rd girlfriend at first it was Aaliya then Sohas and now her on this Aryaman tries to walk indicating that he needs to find the Lovestory in between Manik and Sohas.
Manik places Nandhani on a sofa and asks if she has to say anthing and when she states that she doesnot then he suggests that they should Perform Xbox Nandhani then says that she doesnot know how to Perform Xbox. Then Manik states that if he aked her to remain away from Aryaman would she pay attention to him and that he is Harshad’s Mate then Nandhani claims that she can also be his Good friend. Manik aks when did this transpire then she claims that when he was sick she turned pals with him. Manik claims that he recognizes that she is hiding some thing and he is not going to inquire her until she is able to explain to him. Nandhani givesManik a compliment and he soon after Listening to it claims to Nandhani doe he not are worthy of a reward and when she asks what reward he turns her sofa and after that Nandhani opens it up and each one of these tiny beats drop out of it and then it deflates. Then Nandhani says that he would have to do a little something for her and Manik asks her to shut her eyes.
Dhruv is standing in the all and soon after he will get the sign he picks up the mike and talk to the men and women to hear him and suggests that he only desires them to listen to him.
MUkti is next Harshad and after that she sees Naviya contacting Cabir to rush for the reason that she is hungry and Mukti thinks what she’s undertaking below.
Dhruv is singing a song although the audience does not respect him and after that he dances and cheers them up and everyone is pleased and also the Manger appreciates him.
Naviya complains to Cabir that he introduced her to a place wherever the seem of songs is rather louad and so Cabir asks her to tranquil down.
Manik ties the fingers of Nandhani and check with her to have faith in him and closes her eyes and attempts to rest her then he places all the filling of your Couch on Nandhani and Haves many entertaining.
Aryaman comes and asks for Nyonika but the employee suggests that he’s absent for a company vacation and then he asks to contact Manik but is refused and so he performs a activity and goes inside of and areas a letter to the desk and tracks Manik but sees Nandhani yelling and Manik jogging so he swiftly hides.
NAndhani goes to the yard next Manik asking him to open up his hands but he refuses.

Precap: Nandhani and Manik are making out in the area.

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