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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 21st December 2015 Written Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan watch online

Jd is in the class when he asks Aryaman to start to play his instrument and one by one everyone starts to play the instruments which they like but he asks them to stop. Jd says to Harshad to stop playing F ajor and start playing F minor hearing which Harshad gets angry and says that Maddy did not leave him even when he left. Jd then reminds him after which again everyone stat of with their instruments.
Manik is in his room and trying to think as to what happened in the night of the o2 concert. He remembers what Nandhani said to him but then after that it goes blank and even when he tris to remember nothing comes to his mind.
All of them are performing when Jd gets angry and asks them to stop. He says that they will not talk about how they are performing but they will take a test. He says that it will be between themselves and at the end of it they will have to give a report of th strengths and weakness of their partners .
Nandhani and Aryaman says that they will that this is wrong but Jd gets angry and says that if they donot like his way then they can leave and he doesnot want them here.
Jd says that they have to get ready for a series of tests and he makes pairs of two of the contestants. Nandhai and Aryaman get together and Harshad and Naviya.
He then asks Aryaman and Nandhani to start after which he makes each of them start one by one.
Naviya says to her god that was Harshad the only one which she had for her to play with but Harshad says that will it not be better if she focused on singing rather than the other things.
Aryaman says that he feels good to practice with her and it is all that he wants. He says that he was angry with her but it is over and all that he wants is that their friendship gets stronger and they remain happy. Suddenly Jd comes and they both again start to play the guitar.
Harshd says that they should practice and says that people have started calling him a villain to which Naviay asays that he will get what he deserves. Harashd then asks about Abir after which Naviya gets angry and asks him to stop and focus on the practice.
Manik call Nandhani and calls him all that has happened after which Nandhani asks him to remain calm and also tells him what he wanted to know. He then asks her to go back to practice but she says that she is coming to him.
Nandhan goes to sit with Aryamaan and says that Manik needs. Aryaman tries to stop her saying that Jd will disqualify her but she goes anyway.
Nandhani calls the doctor who says that they can meet in the hospital as he is also going there.
Aaliya is checking out her boss who comes after a while and asks the reason for checking him. Aaliya denies that she has done anything of the sort but she thinks about what she was doing.
Nandhani explains everything to the doctor who says that this is a serious problem and he will discuss it with Manik’s father until then she will not tell anything to him.
Naviya walks in the room and lashes out on Jd and Harshad. Mukti asks her to calm down then Naviya sees beer in the hands of Mukti and takes it from her. She asks her as to what the matter is and why is she not discussing it with her.
Nandhani walks in the house where Manik’s starts scolding her but she remains silent. After he calms down and asks her as to what the doctor said she at first is about to tell him but stops after she remembers what the doctor said.

Precap: Jd calls Nandhain the front and says that he doesnot want such a non serious student in his calls hearing which Nandhani feels ashamed.

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