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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 20th October 2015 Written Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan watch online

A peon is packing the instruments of Maddy and when he comes to know of this he gets angry and asks as to who ordered this. He says that Austad Mukesh said this hearing this Madhiam gets angry and goes to confront Austad Mukesh who is talking on the phone. He says that he wants his instruments back no matter what. Austad Mukesh gets angry and sasy that he is only taking out the trash from the house he further says that they have a flight and tomorrow he will perform a harmonica on the stage with him. Maddy says that he will only perform with a guitar but he sasy that he will not let him destroy the reputation of his family. He will only perform classical music but Maddy says that Austad Mukesh will no longer inforce his decisions on him and he will do what he likes.
The o2 manger is having a meeting as to who will host the show. Ther are a lot of people but the producer comes and says that Naviya will host the show. He says that there should be no mistake. She has to give it her best shot and she has to do a red carpet event so she has to call the members two hours before the event so that she can introduce and talk with them.
Fab 5 are all practicing in the jam room and suddenly Mukti gets a call from Naviya who is very happy and tells Mukti that she will be hosting their show and that her dream of coming on the stage with Fab5 is finally getting fulfilled. Mukti asks her to calm down because they do not have a lead singer and so they do not know what to do. Aaliya says that they need help and someone please help them suddenly they all see Madhiam coming from the door.
He says that he knew that they did not book the room even today but he will let them practice just for today. Nandhani says that did he not come to join them hearing this he looks at her with a strange look and leaves. Mukti get angry and is calmed by Aaliya.
Dhruv says that he has a plan which is that they will go there and when it is the time to perform then he will take over and even though it is a risk doing this but it is their last chance and if the audience loves their performance then they will have no chance but to give them a shot.
They all go there and are introduced by Naviya who is herself very happy to be given the chance to do this. She dedicates this performance to Manik and Cabir and says that they will always be in their hearts. She one by one asks what the members of fab5 think and feel and then turns to Nandhani who is very sad and even starts to cry.
Meanwhile there is a person who is travelling to the performance and is very hurt when hears the voice of Nandhani.

Precap: the producer asks as to who will sing and when Dhruv tells him that he will sing he gets angry and threatens to cancel the performance. Nandhani asks them to calm down because they will either meet in the court. Dhruv says that it is do or die.

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