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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 19th November 2015 Written Update

Manik asks Nandhani as to what the matter is to which Nandhani says that normal people get emotional in these kinds of situation. Manik then rubs her face and kisses her. She turns away and he holds her and starts to caress her and they have a romantic time. They both are about to kiss each other when they remember themselves in the same place some time ago where Manik is proposing to Nandhani. Manik and Nandhani both laugh while remembering what Manik did and how he said that she is the most precious thing which he has.
They then see them together but from a different time and are happy to see from where they have come and all that they have accomplished.
Manik then asks Nandhani for her hand and then both head on after which Manik begins to kiss her
Mukti is drinking when it suddenly falls where Harshad comes and removes and requests her to wish him Diwali for the old times but she gets up after which he holds her hand and says that he is the new president but Mukti is not moved. Harshad pulls her gain and says that what will happen to her now that everyone in her group is established but she makes him go away.
All of them start to dance and have fun which starts to make them happy. Aryaman is sitting when Naviya comes and takes him to dance. When he is leaving Harshad taunts him but Aryaman doesnot listen to him and leaves.
Manik and Nandhani are sitting where Manik says that they were enemies when they met but after some time they became lovers. Manik says that the blast changed everything where Nandhani says that she wished that there was a time machine from which she could go and change everything that happened. Nandhani makes Manik see a shooting star to which Manik says that they star has to protect their love.
Aryaman is sitting where Harshad comes and starts to say that he is a snake to which Aryaman gets angry and says that he doesnot advice from him but Harshad is not touched and then Aryaman says that he is in love with Nandhani. Harshad says that he is excited and wants to know how Manik or nandhani will feel when they learn that Aryaman is like this.

Precap: Harshad is convincing Manik to let Aryaman become the drummer but Manik is not touched. Manik turns to find Aryaman and Nandhani coming together.

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