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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 18th November 2015 Written Update

Manik pulls Nandhani closer and then removes her hairpin to which she also laughs and when he is about to kiss her she says that they must go to the party. Manik then holds her hand and them setoff.
Aaliya and Dhruv are lighting fireworks and then Aaliya gets angry as Dhruv did not say anything to her about the dress whenshe complimented him. Dhruv then says that she is looking pretty, Aaliya asks him that why did he get angry when she invited her boss Dhruv disagrees and says that he only wants her to keep her professional life away from them so that their relationship remains. All of them then come and greet eachother for Diwali.
Aryaman enters and is very depressed to see Nandhani with Manik, he is also carrying a present but seeing Nandhani goes away.
There is an announcement for the president the entire crowd cheers for Maddy but after hearng the voice of Harshad they are amazed who says that Maddy had to leave and so the burden of the position fell on him. He also announces that the music galla will be in a month and they will have keep that in mind.
Aaliya says that now she knows what her brother was up t. Mukti tries to calm her but she doesnot listen and then Manik says that they donot have to listen to anything that he says.
Aryaman is watching Manik and Nandhani from some distance and is not happy to see them. Naviya
The couple comes to the party who want to adopt Abir and the Krishna doesnot look happy and upon being questioned by the husband she says that she should be with her family but she is stuck with him. Then he says that they have to pretend to be happy. Aaliya comes and suddenly Krishna turns her face, seeing this Aaliya gets angry and leaves.
Manik and Nandhani are talking and then Manik goes away seeing this opportunity Aryaman goes to Nandhani and presents a gift to her. The both start to talk and laughs and so Manik goes to Nandhani upon which Aryaman leaves.
Aaliya and Dhruv are together where Aaliya starts to receive flowers one by one which continue and the finally her boss comes with a bouquet and greets her. Aaliya is happy to see him while Dhruv gets angry but is also greeted by him.
Manik drags Nandani to a dark place where she asks as to why he brought her here. He says that they will make their own light and shows her a formation in the stars and they both have a lot of fun. Manik says to Nandhani that he loves her.

Precap: Harshad goes to Aryaman and taunts him. Aryaman gets angry and holds the collar of Harshad and says that he is in love with Nandhani and will hear nothing regarding her.

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