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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 17th December 2015 Written Update

Mukti is sleeping when Navya takes Abir to her and plans to wake her up. She then makes her get up and after Mukti gets up she takes Abir and says sorry to her about what happened the last night . Mukti says that fab5 broke away and that they have decided that they will not perform together as a band again. Mukt says that it is better this way and that fab5 is not like as it was before ad they are better like this.
The peon places a notice on the board and leaves the students after seeing it say that they felt a*s fab5 will take some action after what Jd did to them and he will stand with them but they have not done anything. Harshad comes and says that they do not do anything now a days.
Nandhani goes to Manik with the breakfast and wakes him up. Manik after getting up at once goes to the poster but Nandhani takes him away and after he comes back and he says that he now how much Nandhani is trying to distract him and he understands that what she is doing.
Nandhani gives him the glass of juice and he starts to drink it and says that he is going to cherish the moments spent with her and he forgets while trying to remember a night they they both spent to which Nandhani gets scared and repeatedly asks him if he is alright and he says that he is.
Aryaman is following Harshad and confronts him and says that why is he tying to break the fab5 but Harshad pushes him against the wall saying that he is not indulged in anything and they have a tussle when Naviya and makes Aryaman calm down and says that the fab5 themselves decided to be away from eachother.
Manik and Nandhani are together when she gets a call but she doesnot pick it to which Manik says that she must go because she will be his motivation as he is not in the music Gala.
Austad Mukesh walks on the ramp and says has none taught them manners as to how to greet an elder. They all get up and greet him after which he says that anyone who is late will be disqualified. Aryaman vouches for Nandhani and says that no one should is his lectures and must be on time.
Nandhani walks and asks for his forgiveness to which he says that she must take her set as she is very late. Nandhani takes her seat when Jd gives a speech and asks that they will rehearse and asks Aryaman to hand out some sheets. Harshad gets up and says that music Gala is about what the students are able to perform and skilled so shouldn’t they be allowed to perform what they like Jd says that he s not lialee to answer his questions and is anyone dis agrees with him then they can get out. All of them remain seated and he says that he should now believe that they are all with him.

Precp: Manik calls Nandhani and says that he is not remembering anything to which she asks him to calm down but he does not. Nandhani asks Jd that she needs to go and leaves after which she is with the doctor who says that this may be a serious problem.

Written Update By Sona


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