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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 17th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Dhruv is having out his items for the airport when Mukti and Cabir arrive at the airport and explain to Dhruv that there’s no opening at Dubai and that this is each of the program of Harshad but Dhruv refuses to simply accept this Cabir then states that the Manager will arrive and every little thing will likely be made very clear and when he comes Mukti leaves.

Mukti phone calls Harshad but he will get fearful that how did she arrived to find out about him and Nyonika. He will get baffled and leaves the mobile phone Mukti then texts him and thinks that if he did not get the decision then every little thing might be for nothing and finally when he picks up she tells him that Aaliya suggests that she will only sign up for the fab5 if HArshad talks to her after which she opens up a dialogue with Cabir where the Manager talks to him and Dhruv finds out about the Phony plot against him. Mukti and Cabir endeavor to calm and describe everythng to him but he blames the fab5 and leaves.

Manik and Nandhani are during the room and Manik is confused about why Cabir and Mukti haven’t called and he says that they were his last choice to bring again the fab5 Nevertheless they even have not been in contact with him then Nandhani calms him when Manik apologizes about what she experienced viewed the earlier night time. He then rests on her lap and goes to snooze at which level Nandhani picks up his cellular phone and sees the Fab5 group. Nyonika is standing at the door which is angry to discover Manik resting on NAndhani’s lap.

Mukti calls Cabir and says that she doesnot feel that the fab5 is damaged and that they will not be able to carry out while in the fab5. Mukti says that she may not be in the position to arrive since she can not see Manik damaged but Cabir tells her that she has to return Mukti also says that she wished that she could rewind enough time and Cabir indicating that it is not possible agrees to it. Mukti claims that she’s worried and which they will have to quit MAnik so they donot must encounter the embracement but Cabir claims that he will drop by support his Good friend and so they equally cry after which Mukti places his telephone down.

Naviya arrives and sits down with Cabir and they both of those are speaking and he or she says that he should carry out but he says that the fab5 will likely not accomplish. Naviya states that he isn’t going to want her to carry out then she will not but Cabir states that In the event the fab5 is just not undertaking then he desires her to perform and earn. Navya prays that the fab5 come back tomorrow and her Close friend choose portion inside the talent hunt.

Harshad goes to Mukti and claims that two yrs ago once they experienced a break up it had been as a result of Nyonika and what she designed him do and soon after two decades she created him do a similar thing. Mukti Listening to this gets indignant and leaves with no listening to Harshad.

Nandhani is during the collage and frequently attempting to phone Manik but h doesnot solution then she lastly finds him and sees him depressed and asks just what the make any difference is then he states that he did not however of executing around the phase with no fab5 then a lover comes and wishes him luck after which Nandani hugs him.

Precap: Harshad is o the stage and Aaliya factors out that it is their song and claims that What exactly are they likely to do devoid of Dhruv

Written Update By Sahir


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