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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 16th November 2015 Written Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan watch online

The doctor is checking meanwhile everyone gathers there and they are waiting anxiously and so the doctor says that he is better now but they should not give him mental stress. Nandhani takes his hand and says that he broke his promise but Manik says that he will make sure that Maddy doesnot stand up. They say that they will make sure that they can get rid of Maddy. The doctor comes and says that they must not instigate him but he says that there is only one thing on his mind. Mukti sasy that they will go to his house but Aryaman says that Maddy is staying at his house and they should focus at Manik right now. The doctor says that they have to take good care of him and also says that he should not take any stress. The doctor asks them to being the reports of Manik to which Nandhani says that he will get all the reports by night and then he agrees.
Aaliya and Dhruv are sitting when Aaliya asks Dhruv as to why he is so happy and he says that he is happy because he was there when Manik needed. He also says that Manik was always there during when he would get the attacks but Manik always supported him.
Mukti and Naviya come back to their house and are amazed to see no cries of Abir. Mukti starts to tease them and makes them do a lot of work to which Naviya starts to get embarrassed but Mukti doesnot stop and makes them do a lot off thing s which the couple would not have thought about.
Aaliya’s boss suddenly comes and they both start to talk seeing this Dhruv gets jealous and when he is asked but Vihan he says that when a stranger would come to their table and start to crack jokes on his girlfriend then that would not be funny and he also joins them but seeing this Dhruv gets jealous.
Mukti and Naviya say that they know the truth hearing this they get amazed but then Mukti says that they know that Kiran doesnot know anything. Then they say that their friend said that she saw Kiran in a modeling studio but then they say that she does it part time. They say that Kiran doesnot want to leave her job but will manage it like Naviya does and will take care of Abir. They ask about Manik’s health to which Mukti says that his family is taking care of him. Then she says that they are his family.
Nandhani is showing shirts to Manik to select but he rejects them and doesnot want to wear any to which Nandhani gets amazed. He says that he doesnot want to wear anything but Nandhani insists that he wears. Manik then turns when Nandhani sees his tattoo to which he says that the devil is him whereas the star which it is carrying is Nandhani and it symbolizes the and their relationship. Nandhani says that he had this tattoo a lot of time before but he says that it is destiny and even though he had it before them but it symbolizes them only. He says that she said that she saw him swimming and did she feel anything then but she says that she did not and forces him to wear the shirt.

Precap: Nandhani comes to wake Manik up and he pulls her in his bed where she greets him Happy diwalai. Aryaman is wondering why Aaliya is not replying to her messages but the phone is with Harshad who wonders why is he getting restless to buy a gift for Nandhani. Aaliya calls her boss and also invites to which Dhruv says that he thought that it was for college students only.

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