Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 16th July 2015 Written Update, Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Written Episode 16th July, Written Update Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 16th July 2015, Written Story of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 16th July read online.

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 16th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Aryaman is coming down the stairs and Nandhani is standing across the corner Aryaman claims to not get angry for the reason that he goes for exercise. Nandhani suggests that he should cease fooling about Which he can’t get away with every little thing due to the fact she knows that he and Harshad are good friends. She tells him that Harshad won’t ever explain to him the reality about Manik but she can as she was there that night with Soha. Aryaman agrees to hear Nandhani declaring that finally the reality is coming out. Nandhani says that he knows this but Soha was mentally sick and when Soha died she and Manik experienced previously remaining. Aryaman tells her to look at her terms instead of spoil the impression of his sister then Manik comes and when Nandhani sees Manik she hides Aryaman inside a room and when Manik asks Nandhani what she is hiding she refuses to tell him and then Manik goes to search for Aryaman and Nandhani pretends to drop producing Manik come to her and leave Aryaman alone.
Manik asks Nandhani how she fell but she will not inform him then Manik pickes her up and will take her away.
Mukti comes attempting to find Aryaman in the follow area after which you can finds him hunting in his mobile Mukti taunts him and claims that it is demanding to defeat the fab five the a peon arrives and states thathe principal has termed Mukti in his space.
Manik takes Nandhani and places her on the very best of the shelf andsays that it was all her aln and he or she desired to distract him from using Ayaman then he begins kissing her hand expressing that it’s what she preferred Nandhani pushes him and is particularly going to tumble when Manik stops her and pulls her nearer and they are then going to kiss one another once the peon comes and tells him the principal has known as him.
The fab 5 are standing on the principal Place of work and if the principal will come out he suggests that they have got two several hours to apply Which they ought to get likely.
Nyonika greets the guest and tells that every team will come over the phase one by one and Mr. Gabba will give them advice about trend.
Aaliya is telling the fab five that they have to have a style makeover but Manik comfort and ease her and asks Dhruv what he seems like then Manik tells All people to include him on the auditorium .
Aryaman and Nandhani Visit the stage wherever Every person Makes enjoyable of Nandhani then suddenly the fab five are standing and Manik comes to the sage and retains Nandhani’s hand

Precap: Aryaman asks Harshad exactly what is the appreciate Tale of Nandhani and Manik and says that he has to find the Adore Tale of Soha and Manik as a way to know what is happening between Nandhani and Mani.

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