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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 15th December 2015 Written Update

Manik is drinking and thinking about his moments spent with Fab5, he starts to cry as he remembers everything that they did and also remembers the night of the crash. He holds the glass so tightly that it breaks and blood begins to dip from his hand. Mukti and Aaliya are walking and are very sad as to what had happened to them before and they have been disqualified. Manik holds an artifact and remembers how they got it. He slams the showcase and when Nandhani comes and after seeing his hand gets the first aid box.
She starts to apply bandage to his hand Manik is only seeing her and thinking that she has been with him even when his friends left him and that she was always there to comfort him. Nandhani sees up and thinks in her mind that she will not give up and Manik is also thinking that she must not give up o her.
Nandhani kisses her hand and says that can someone hurt himself like this. Manik says that when there is no fab5 then nothing matters and Mukti and Aaliya were fighters but what happened to them now. Nandhani says that they need some time and then everything will be alright. Manik says that how can they do this to him he then asks Nandhani if their performance was that bad but she does not answer and Manik says that this shows that their performance was not good. Nandhani says that they will go on a trip and she will back out from Music gala.
Mukti says to a person that he must not try to meet with her and she will do things by herself.
Aaliya is crying when her boss comes and asks her as to what makes her smile then asks her for a dance which literally makes her happy and Aaaliya hugs him.
Nandhani is placing Mnik’s things back on his shelf when Manik says that she must not divert the topic and she cannot back out form Music Gala because she has to do something for herself and has done enough for him. He says that he will sort out what he has to do with Mukti and Aaliya.
Manik is sitting in the jam room and playing his guitar. Mukti and Aaliya come and start playing together with Manik but he stops. Manik gets up and says that they will perform in the music gala and how they get in is up to him. Mukti and Aaliya says that they must not fool themselves, they say that they cannot perform and cannot be what they were before. Mukti says that they have to preserve their legacy and the benchmarks that they made as fab5 cannot be achieved as they are only three. Manik says that what he thought is coming true and so this is really the end of fab5. He hugs them and they says that they are friends for life.

Precap: Nandhani and Manik are placing the pictures of Fb5 on a wall when Manik says that this is what is left of fab5 only memories and he was not able to keep them together. Nandhani calls the doctor and says that she is worried for Manik and asks for advice the doctor replies that she must let Manik do what he likes. Nandhani says that he likes music but is having a lot of problems then the doctor says that he knows that Nandhani can do this.

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