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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 13th October 2015 Written Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan watch online

Nandhani comes in front of Aryamaan ‘s car and sys that he is not going to walk away like this and convinces him to come back with her because he is the drummer for the performance with the o2. Mukti leads the way and after entering says that he is going to take Cabir’s place and has a big responsibility on his hand.
Nandhani says that they should take a picture but it is not uploading,she goes out and bumps into Madhiam who taunts her. He leads her into the room and and sasy that he is not going to let some people take benefit of all the instruments. He says that they have to book the jam room if they have to practice. He says that they have to vacate it at the spot and does not listen to anything Nandhani sasy but tells them to get out from here.
Mukti says that she does not have to waste her energy ad they will find another spot in space. Madhiam tries to make fun of them but Mukti gets angry and holds his shirt by the collor. Dhruv comes and says to Mukti to leave him because dogs have to twist their tails. Madhiam thanks him but says that he is not even a dog.

Harshad is contemplating if Nyonika still left and place the many blame on him. He stands up in shock and sees Aryaman standing with drums. Soon everyone comes along with musical gear within their fingers. Hrshad asks concerning what This really is and Aaliya suggests that they are here to apply in the beginning he suggests that there will be o follow as it really is his house but Aaliya says that they did not ask for his permission and they will follow mainly because it can also be her property. They begin to scrub a area and Dhruv jumps on Aryaman indicating that there’s a cockroach Aryaman also gets fearful but Aaliya goes and kills it. They start to apply and suddenly Nandhani sees Manik coming and inquiring Anyone to show up the audio, they all begin to Participate in and appear pretty content Nandhani goes around Manik only to know that she was Day dreaming. Mukti and everyone else try to serene her and sys that they really know what she is dealing with Absolutely everyone starts to crack jokes to generate her happy and leave the performance.

Precap: Aaliya is requesting the O2 manger to give them a chance because Dhruv’s voice will audio terrific once the Voice outcomes but he isn’t going to agree and asks for Manik. Aryaman claims that there’s a alternative for Manik and even though they all detest him he s their final selection so they solution Madhiam.

Written Update By Sahir


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